Amzy's pov

I stood on the stool and blow the dust from my hand and took my wedding album ! I climb down from the stool ! "Zee baby come here ! " i said and zee came in my room ! I sat on the floor and open the album !

" see this bride is me and that handsome groom is baba ! " i said and his jaw dropped "maa ap yahan itna tayar hain ! Aur ap aisa tayyar kyun nahi hotin ? " he said and made me chuckle !

"Awww sachi ? Main apne baby k liye ek din zarur tayyar hongi ! " i said and he smile widely and sometime his smile made me remember how zayan use to smile!

I turn the page and our selfie which we took in my home ! " maa ye kon hain ? " he pointed on asim's photo ! "This is asim uncle ! Mere cuzn ! " i said and he noded !

I again turn the page and its maa ,papa, khala and khalu's photo ! I tear drop on the album ! I clean it before sees it ! I told him about everyone ! And i thought the album ended but there's another photo ! Its me ,zayan ,sain and shehry ! A smile crept on my face !

"Ye dekho ye naa shehryaar uncle hain ap k ! Ye smjho k bs inhi ki wajha se hum wapis jaa rahe hain ! Aur ye sain uncle ! " i told him and he smile ! I closed the album and about to get up when zee hug me ! And hugg him back tightly ! "Maa bs please be happy ! " he said and a tear left my eye!

Shukar hai tera khudaya k tune mjhe itna acha beta diya !

"Maa humne packing bhi tou krni hogi naaa ? " he said and again realization hit me ! Tomorrow is our flight to houston ! "Baby i think you should sleep i'll pack all the stuff " i said and zee refused ! "Maa i wanted to help you " he said and i ruffle his hairs ! And noded !

I took a mid size wheeler for zee and a large wheeler for me under the bag ! I open zee's wheeler and start putting his clothes ! He helped me with packing his stuff ! I was done with zee's packing ! And then we both pack my wheeler !,

As zee's room was messy ! I let him sleep with me ! He laid next to me and i placed my arm on him ! "Maa i love you ! " he mumble and i reply "i love you cupcake" and then kissed his temple !

Bs ab main aarahi hun sb theek krdun gi ! Phr sb khush rahen ge !

And i don't know when i drove to sleep !

Sain's pov !

I open my closet wore my red sweater and then set my hair with gel and smile at my reflection .

5 saal bd mjhse baat krne ki koshsh ki hai shehry ne mera jana tou bnta tha naa ! Ab main araha hun ! Jhuk k maufi mang lun gaa !

I came in my lounge wear my backpack on my shoulder's and drag my wheeler ! I've already booked the cab for the ride ! So i walk out and put my wheeler in the trunk and sat at the back seat ! The drive started the engine and i sigh deeply !

Shehry's pov !

I don't know what's going to happen but i was feeling un easy today i don't know why ? Whats going to happen ?

"Shehry betaa neche ajao " mama said and i went down ! She was cooking something ! I hugged her from the back and she turn towards me ! She touched my cheek with her hand ! "Betaa ap k liye kheer bnayi hai ! Ap thora stress lag rahe ho " . mama said and i smile widely how mama always figure how i'm feeling ?

I walked upto the table and saw khala jaan cutting vegetables i smile and drag a chair next to her ! " kaise ho beta ? Tm itne kaley kyun ho rahe ho ? Sai se khaya kro ! " khala jaan said and i felt like bistified ! "Khala kam hi itna krna parta hai ! Aj tou shukar krein saturday ki chutti mil gayi ! Warna bs kam kam kam kammmm !," i said and she touched my shoulder and said " beta i'm so proud of you ! " . i smile widely !

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