Chapter 1

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Chapter 2

Ella's POV

Police were surrounding me, blocking all ways of escape. Not that I cared, but i owed a guy a race and i didnt have money to buy a half-decent one anyways.I would probably get sent to rehab again but I don't mind. To tell you the truth, I don't quite mind anything anymore, maybe before but not now. Ever since mom died, nothing ever seemed to make sense anymore. 

Why would she laugh and hug me when all the time she resented the time we spent together? Why would she spend time with me at all if she hated me? The only reason I could think of was that she loved me, loved ME - a monster.

I was right about getting caught. Apparently an onlooker saw the fire and didn't hesitate in calling the police and firefighters. An officer walked up to me and starter cuffing my hands, without even asking me who did this. Of course they didn't need to, why bother? Just throw the girl in rehab, she already has a criminal recordyo rehab. 

"Eleanor Lee Sullivan, I hereby arrest you for..." I couldn't be bothered. All they could do was lock me up somewhere so they wouldn't see my ugly face, got close to the monster inside me. 

Two Days Later--Ella's court case

"Your honor, I volunteer taking Ella back with me . Maybe all she needs is a change of scenery, a fresh start.I'll enroll her into a high school, provide food and shelter and everything. Everybody deserves a second chance, Your Honor," said a middle-aged lady who had her hair in a messy bun, laugh lines on her face and emanated a motherly aura.

"Very well then. But she will be on probation, strictly no stealing, drugs or anything illegal. Do you understand?" 

The woman looked relieved,"Yes,your honor." 

The judge finally stood up,"Dismissed."

I envy this guy, he probably has a family back home, waiting up for him to come home and have dinner with.I wish I had a father...


Nancy's POV

Ella, the girl I was going to take care of, followed me back to my car with her small duffel bag of clothes. I must remember to buy her some clothes. I hope she wouldn't mind rooming with Anna. But that means she's going to have to put up with the boys. Nevermind... I'll think about that later.

" My name's Nancy Jordan. I live in california with my husband and five kids. Sam is five and his older twin brothers are Drake and Darren. They are both thirteen this year. There's also Anna, who is fourteen this year and Nathaniel who, mind you, is mighty handsome, if I may say so myself," I smiled at Ella as we got into the car.

The ride was quiet, and halfway through, Ella fell asleep. Ella was very pretty, with straight black hair that reached to her waist and the weirdest eyes I had ever seen. At first glance you would just see blue but in actual fact, dark violet rims that slowly blended into smoky blue that that had a slight silvery sheen to it. I admit, I would love to have her figure. Bearing five children is no easy task you know!

Strangely, what made me bring her home wasn't her looks, I could feel and see how broken she was. Maybe it was my awesome motherly instincts. When I saw her, I wasn't just some social worker being called in to watch a court case, I was a mother watching a girl wasting her life away, closed off in a world of loneliness and pain. I read her file- she was left alone in thus world by everyone close to her, and she didnt even seem to care.I hope one day she'll be able to open up to the world and heal all the scars in her heart.

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