Salt Prank, Gone Right (SFW)

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You wanted to try the "salt spoon prank" trend on your boyfriend.

You scooped some salt on a spoon and put some sauce from the pasta you were making.

You called him and you immediately heard footsteps rushing down the stairs.

"Yes hon?" He asked, adjusting his glasses.

"Could you try this for me? My taste buds aren't working." You said positioning the spoon near his mouth.

"Of course!" He said as he took the spoon into his mouth.

He cringed and hummed approvingly, as if trying to say that it tasted good, depsite his expression.

You hid your laugh by pretending to cry.

"D- does it not taste good? Oh no I'm so sorry.. I'll try to fix it." You exaggerated your sobs as you hugged him, burying your face into his chest to hide the smile that was forming in your face (wow.. actor of the year goes to you mah fren).

"H- honey it's fine! It's just a little salty! We could just add some water and it'll be the best pasta in the world!" He reassured, patting your back and kissing the top of your head.

Your pretend sobs soon turned into giggles as you couldn't act anymore.

"It's a prank hon!" You laughed as you wiped your fake tears away.

"Oh my gosh.. I was panicking since you usually don't cry." He laughed with you.

After laughing for a while, you served the pasta and ate them together.

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