Chapter 5

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"Good morning, Midget!"

Baekhyun's mouth almost drop when he saw Chanyeol walking towards him with a bright smile on his face as if he didn't do something last night. He wants to shove his knuckles into the giant's face but he restrain hisself. He doesn't want to spend his day in the detention early in the morning. Instead, he chose to ignore the latter.

But before he could walk away, a firm hand gripped his arm and found his self in front of Chanyeol. He rolled his eyes. He bit his tongue to stop hisself from throwing words at the giant's face.

"Is there a problem?" Chanyeol asked, his brows are furrowed in confusion. His grip on Baekhyun's arm tightening.

Baekhyun wanted to laugh so he did. He didn't bother to stop hisself from doing so. Chanyeol looked more confuse than ever.

"You're the problem, asshole. I don't want to see your face again." His words are dripping with venom. Every words that came out from his mouth sents spikes at the giant's chest.

"Why?" Chanyeol asked, frowning. His voice barely audible. He looks like he has been hit by a truck.

Baekhyun pulled his arm from Chanyeol's grasp.

"Ask yourself."

Baekhyun walked away. His chest is heavy with the emotion he can't explain. He's fuming mad at Chanyeol but as he saw the hurt at the latter's face, he had the urge to take back all of what he have said.

He sat in his chair with a loud thud and moments later, he heard another thud coming from his side. He saw Kyungsoo with a big frown on his face. He looked annoyed for a reason Baekhyun didn't know. Before he could ask, Kyunysoo looked at him. He realized they have the same expression on their face.

"I'm so done with Park Chanyeol!"

"I'm so done with Kim Jongin!"

They said in unison. After that, they found their self laughing together.

"So, what about Park Chanyeol?" Kyungsoo asked while wiping the tears in the corner of his eyes.

"Nah, you go first. It's really not a big deal. I want to know what happened between you and Jongin."

Kyungsoo huffs. He looked so tired and sad and it's all because of Kim Jongin. He made a mistake by falling in love with an asshole and now he's dealing with the consequences.

"I don't know what will I do to him anymore. One minute he makes me feel that he likes me and the second he disregards me like he didn't know me. It's so frustrating!" As he tells Baekhyun the whole story, the latter observed how his eyes widen and his heart-shaped lips puckers as he speaks.

"How about the incident at the bar last night?"

Kyungsoo combed his hand through his hair. "He says sorry for for his friends. He explained that they're all drunk that's why it happened."

Baekhyun didn't say anything after because Jongin went inside the room and went straight to Kyungsoo.

"We need to talk." Jongin said while looking at Kyungsoo's eyes.

Baekhyun loves observing people. As he observes Jongin, he saw the intimacy and passion in his eyes while looking at Kyungsoo. He's looking at the shorter male like he's the only thing he wants to see in his life.

"There's no need for that. Our project is done and so is our partnership." Kyungsoo said.

Baekhyun scratched the back of his head. The situation is getting awkward for him now that there's only the three of them inside the classroom. "Uhh, I'll just excuse myself." He stood up and gather all of his things. He was about to walk out from the room when Kyungdoo stopped him.

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