Chapter XIII: The Boss

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"Just pull up here," Andrea said as Holden round up a curb.

"Okay," he decellerated smoothly and parked near the end of the sidewalk.

Andrea thanked Holden and removed the seatbelt around her and was about to go out when Holden's firm hand gripped her arm, surprising her.

"Yeah?" Andrea asked.

"How will I get my wallet?" Holden asked back.

Andrea's eyes narrowed to slits, his wallet?

Holden raised a brow and nod his head forward as if urging her to think more.

Andrea frowned and thought about it. Wallet, wallet, wallet, wallet.... Ohhh his wallet!

"Oh, uhm, I guess we could meet up tomorrow," she offered.

Holden looked at her and smiled, "Sure, what time?" he asked.

"How about lunch time?" she offered.

He nodded, "Can I have your number?"

"What for?"

"So I can contact you about my wallet," he answered.

Andrea's mouth formed an 'o' and held out her hand for his phone. Holden put it on her waiting hand, and she tapped in her digits.

"So I guess I'm free to go?" Andrea said and looked at him.

"Yeah, goodnight," he said and Andrea mumbled her thanks again and got out.

She let him drop her off three blocks away from her condominium so after his car disappeared from view she walked to her apartment. She felt her phone vibrate in the pocket of her jeans so she took it and saw the tow service is calling.

"Hello," she answered.

"Miss Owen, you're car is already on your parking spot as instructed," answered the deep voice from the other line.

"Thank you," she said.


 "Simon, is it possible for a guy like me, at this age, to fall in love with a girl a lot younger than me?" Lance looked at himself in the mirror, practicing the line he is never going to say to Simon.

He continued to stare at his face and realizing that no matter how long he waits for an answer, it is never going to come, he sighed and looked away and sat back down at his office desk. It's already Monday and it is also Andrea's first day of work on some company that she never told him. He looked at his watch and noticed it was already eight. He let his eyes wander off to the stacks of papers on top of his desk and decided that he can do it later on, he fished out his mobile and dialled Andrea.

"Hey Lance," Andrea answered coolly.

"Hey Andrea, you already at work?" he asked.

"Yep, you have such great timing,"

"Is that sarcastic?" he asked, a bit skeptical.

Andrea laughed her melodious laugh, "No, it's not, I was about to meet my boss for the first time, but considering he was kind of late, I still have like ten minutes to spare, more or less,"

"I thought you met the boss?" he asked, fairly sure that she said she had her interview with the head.

"Yeah, I know. But apparently, Mr. Nelsons retired immediately after my interview and since he was homosexual, the one who took over was his eldest nephew," she explained.

"Is the eldest nephew ten years older?" he joked.

"I don't know, I really don't know, Lance," she said and in her tone, Lance can tell she rolled her eyes, "and besides he is probably married so I guess he's a long shot," she added.

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