Chapter 9. I Just Cant Hate You.

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Chapter 9.


“Hey Angel, do you know where Jeremy is?” My mother asked poking her head through the door frame. I looked up from my guitar. I was worried about him but I didn’t know where he was. After last night I miss him. I know he didn’t come home last night. That had me worried but I haven’t seen him all day. I’m even more worried than I was this morning. Even though he hurt me I still care about him and want him to be safe.

“No sorry” I replied.

“Oh ok, it’s just he didn’t come back last night and we haven’t seen him at all today” She replied with a worried look. I knew that look. It was the ‘I’m stressing out though I don’t want to show it’ look.

“I know mum, have you tried calling him?” I asked.

“Yes though no answer, it just keeps ringing, do you think you can try to call him please, he might answer to you” She replied.

“Mum I doubt it…but ok, I’ll try if he doesn’t we will just have to wait till he gets home” I replied getting out my phone. I knew he wouldn’t answer but.

“Or I’ll go looking for him, but thank you” She said before leaving before I could reply.

 I stared down looking at my phone. I took a deep breath and went into my contacts and brought up Jeremy’s. I clicked call and brought it to my ear. I was nervous as hell.

Bring, Bring, Bri-

“Hello” I heard an unfamiliar voice answer.

“Hi is Jeremy there?” I asked.

“Yeah he is though he is training why?”

“He’s family wants him to come home” I said putting my guitar down.

“Umm here ill just get him” The voice replied.

“Thanks” I said slowly waiting.

“Angel what do you want?” I heard Jeremy growl. Wow not even a hi, just straight to the point. So charming.

“Umm mum and dad want you home” I snapped. Two could play that game.

“Ok I will in a few days”

“No Jeremy they want you home now”

“No I can’t” He replied.

“And why not?” I asked pacing.

“I need some time away” He simply replied.

“Time away from me?”

“Yes and no”

“Jeremy come home” I said in a nicer voice.

“Later” He replied before hanging up. Great.

“Angel is everything ok?” I heard mum yell from the stairs. I still hadn’t told her about last night and I wasn’t planning on it, I will be keeping a lot of secrets from her, not because I want to but because I have to.

“Yeah” I yelled back. More lies.

“Did he answer?”

“No” I lied again. I fill so bad but I have to.

“Ok keep trying, he has to answer eventually” She yelled.

“Ok” I yelled back.  

Wait a minute, that voice sounded like that Keith guy from last night. Oh god how did I not know that?

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