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Who does not seek to escape the winter?

Whether one stays indoors,

Blanketed and drowned in the unseasoned warmth,

Of electric heat,

Or leaves for a place less frosty,

More welcoming, 

More accommodating to their lazy intentions.

Even the animals hide,

Not to be seen until the sun’s first ray,

Who knows what inhabits their dreams during their lengthy hibernation?

To find a liquid lake

in the middle of Winter,

Such a rarity,

It would be a work worthy of congratulations. 

When it is so common for bodies of water to still,

When touched by cold and frost for months at a time. 

Who does not seek to escape the winter?

If you would gather around my flame,

We would share the warmth,

And dream of hot, hot summer

While the Winter looks on,

Cold fingers narrowly brushing us,

As it wishes for the heat it would never touch.

By the way, if there are any typos, or weird spellings just tell me :) I did this on my Blackberry, which makes me very lazy and I can never bother to re-read everything, :)

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