Putting it Back with His Fingers (NSFW)

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Skin slapping, moans and groans, wet sounds, and the headboard hitting the wall were echoing in your bedroom (the headboard be holding on for it's dear life).

You buried your face into the pillows as he fucked you like an animal in heat (it's in doggy style guys.. y'know cuz doggy, animal.. yea..).

You came five times already and not once did he get his release until, "Ahh~ baby.. I- I'm cum- cumming" Your husband moaned as he came inside you (oh well diddly darn would you look at that).

How'd you get here you may ask? Well, it's not like he heard you telling your friend on a call that you had a major breeding kink.. yep totally not that.

He came a lot. I mean a lot, to the point that cum came (haha cum came) oozing out of your hole. It dripped down your thighs and onto the bedsheets.

Not wanting to waste his (delicious and spermy) cum, he scooped some with his fingers, putting it back into your hole, fingering you in the process.

He did this until you and the sheets were clean and for the grand finale, he licked a long stripe from the back of your knees to your hole. The end.

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