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Chapter XV- Hot Blooded

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"No." I say, advancing a step. She shoots the gun, missing my head by an inch. I jump away, looking at her with surprise.

"I'll hit you if I want to," She says, a smirk spreading across her wrinkling features.

"I'm no good to you already dead, am I?" I say. She shakes her head,

"I'm sure we'll find a way to make it work."

"Really?" I raise an eyebrow, holding the gun higher, she widens her eyes.

"Think about this," she says, "think of all the lives you'll save. More families will end up just like yours if you don't help us out an end to this."

"This isn't the way to do it." I hear Sam say. "We shouldn't kill in order to stop him."

"What other choice do we have?" The lady exclaims, a tear running down her cheek. "This is the only way!" She says, and I shake my head. It's true, this may be the only way to stop yellow-eyes.

"Alright." I say, letting my arms fall to my sides.

"Layla, no!" Dean says, and I tear up.

"No, I have to do this." I somberly say, "For my Mom and Dad."

"They wouldn't want this, damnit! We'll find another way!" Dean says, his voice roughening.

"Come on," The women says, and I look back at the two blindfolded brothers. As much as I don't want to do this, I know I have to. I walk away from the dark room, leaving behind the pissed off Dean and Sam.

I'm wrapped only in a thin sheet of cotton, surrounded by herbs and grains. Candles filled the empty spaces around us. The lady, who told me her name's Carol, explained that this will attract the attention of whom the sacrifice is for. The box my parents had given me is sitting in front of her, wide open. I'm laying on my back, my hair strewn around my head like a halo, flowers woven into it. I'm sure this all looked very beautiful from an outside perspective, the vibrant colors and sweet smells, but to me this was my death bed.

"Ready?" Carol asks, pulls out a book. I nod, tears in my eyes.

She begins to chant in another language, and there's a sharp change in the air. Almost instantly my stomach starts to hurt and it feels like I'm burning from within. I scream out in agony, and I can see the candles around me flickering.

Carols chanting becomes rapid and she raised her voice from a whisper to a loud tone. My body begins shaking uncontrollably, and I glue my eyes shut, hoping this pain will be over soon. The wind around us picks up like a wind tunnel and all the candles go out.

"Stop!" I hear Dean yell, but it's distant. My eyes fly open and I see her lifting the knife. A strange screaming noise enters my head, and I grasp my ears to try to keep it out. Her chant ends, and she's about to plunge the knife into my chest as a loud bang sounds throughout the room. The wind stops instantly, the candles all lighting again. The pain inside of my stomach ended, and I gasp out in surprise. Carol drops the knife, and we both look down to see her bleeding chest. Her mouth widens, and a few tears stream down her aged face. She slumps sideways, not possibly having survived the bullet wound to her heart. She drops the book she'd been chanting from, and it lands on an open candle flame. The book catches fire, and I quickly reach out to try and stop it from completely burning but it's too late. The room goes dead silent.

"Layla, you idiot!" Dean exclaims as he runs over to me.

"How'd you get out?" I ask, and he shakes his head.

"What were you thinking?" He asks, kneeling down. I sit up, keeping the white sheet wrapped around myself.

"What was I thinking?" I say angrily. "I was trying to stop yellow-eyes permanently!"

"This might not have even worked!" He raises his eyebrows angrily, grabbing my arm roughly, trying his own way to shake some sense into me.

"But what if it had?" I yell, hot tears streaming down my cheeks. "This was the only way!" I sob, ripping my arm out of Dean's grasp. I quickly get up, going around the corner to redress in my clothes. When I come back, Sam is in the room talking with Dean in a hushed voice. I go over to my almost-death-bed and grab my opened box, then close the lid.

"Hey-Layla," Sam begins to say and I put a hand up.

"No-" I cut him off, "lets just go." I say angrily, an intense headache kicking in. Sam and Dean exchange a look, and I walk past them furiously.

"What are you mad at us for? Saving you?" Dean asks as I collect the gear that'd been taken from us.

"Yes!" I say, and Dean throws his arms into the air.

"Layla, we'll find another way." Sam tries to calm me.

"How long with that take? Months, years?" I yell, and the two back off of me.

"It'll take as long as it needs to!" Dean yells back. I ball my fists, wanting to punch something, anything, to get rid of this anger.

"Just-leave me alone!" I walk quickly away from them, but hear their footsteps following me. I reach up to wipe tears out of my eyes. This was the only way I could've had my revenge, even if it wasn't what I had imagined. The book was gone and my box was useless.

Once I push through the heavy metal door to get outside, my headache intensifies and I drop the bag I'm holding. I reach up, gripping my scalp.

"Are you ok?" Sam asks me, his voice filled with concern. My knees go weak, and I drop down immediately. Arms catch me, and I do everything I can not to yell out in pain. A ringing noise sounds in my ear, and my head begins to throb.

A flash of bright light fills my vision, and I can only see white.

"Layla-I'll keep him away." I can hear, I know it's my guardian angel.

"What?" I pant, trying to concentrate. I can hear Dean and Sam yelling, but I can't make out what they're saying.

"Azazel, he'll come for the box. Stay hidden, be careful. I'll keep you protected for as long as I can." She says, and in a flash she's gone and I'm in darkness.

"Layla?," I hear, being jostled awake. I inhale deeply, sitting up like I'm back from the dead.

"Whoa." I hear Sam say, and I look around with wide eyes.

Then, I remember the distant voice of my angel.

"You passed out for a couple seconds, what happened?" Dean asks, and I shake my head, standing.

"It's my angel..." I say, looking over the ground, "she said Azazel will be looking for us, and that we'd better lay low until we figure something out." The boys pull their eyebrows together.

"We'd better go, then." Dean says, and the three of us rush to our cars.

"Follow us." Sam yells, and I put a thumbs up. Looks like a long, annoying trip is ahead of us.

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