Chapter XV- Hot Blooded

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My head beats as hard as a drum as I try to pry my eyes open. I don't know how long I've been out, or why I'm laying upright. I can tell I'm sitting on the floor against a wall, and I can feel a rough-meshed cloth tied around my head, preventing me from opening my eyes. A wave of confusion floods over me, and for a second I don't remember what I'm doing here, then sharp pain on the side of my forehead causes me to wince. Oh, crap... This isn't good. I'm pretty sure I'm still in the jail, but where are Sam and Dean? An annoyed grunt, followed by a quick inhale answers my question.

"Dean, Sam?" I ask.

"Yeah." I hear Sam moan.

"What about Dean?" I ask, my heart beat accelerating with panic.

"Here." He grumbles.

"Are you guys blindfolded, too?" I ask, moving my neck around to try and get the thing off. They both mumble a dishearten 'yeah'.

I mess around with the rope tied around my hands. There's nothing that I'm held against, so I struggle to get my hands under my butt and through my legs. These stupid guys couldn't even tie up a girl properly.

I take off my blindfold first, only moving it an inch above my eyes in case they come back and I have to pretend to be tied up. Then, I use my teeth to until the tight knot around my wrists. It takes me a few seconds, but I eventually get it.

"Layla? Are you untied?" Dean asks, and I see that the two of them are tied to a pole, making it impossible for them to get out just like I had.

"Yeah, I'm coming." I say, crawling over to them. Just then I hear a door slam open, and I crawl back to where I'd been.

"Layla..." Dean says under his breath through clenched teeth. I put my blindfold back on, and pretend to have my hands behind my back.

"This is her." I hear the same women from before. I sit in silence, not sure of what to do.

"You're sure we'll do this right?" Another voice says, whom I don't recognize.

"Yeah, just a regular sacrifice is all." She says, kicking my foot. I pretend to be jostled awake.

"What do you want from me?" I ask, my breath turning rapid after hearing the word 'sacrifice'.

"You want Azazel to be stopped, don't ya'?" The deep new voice asks. I nod my head, planning to attack any minute.

"What has to be done?" I ask, hearing the new guy get close to me, putting an arm next to my head and leaning against the wall.

"Well... We need your blood, and I mean all of it." He says, and I let out a shaky exhale through my mouth.

"Why?" I ask, and the man chuckles.

"Well, it has to be a full sacrifice in order to work. We've got the proper knife and everything. Then, we'll conjure up Azazel and trap him forever." I stop for a minute, actually considering this for a second. If this is real, then I could be the one to stop Azazel forever. But, if I do, I die.

"Don't listen to him, Layla. This isn't right." Dean says suddenly, and I hear a couple footsteps and a loud smack. Dean grunts, and my instinct to help kicks in. I quickly grab the man's arm, and push against the outer elbow of his arm. The man screams out in pain, and I break his arm at the center. I take my blindfold off, looking at the man's complete terror and distorted arm. I kick the side of his head, and his screams of pain end as he's knocked out. I take his gun, then face the women, ready to attack.

"Hold it," She commands, pointing a gun at me. I curl my fists in front of me, anger bubbling in my chest. I look over to Dean's purplish cheek, and see Sam's busted lip and eyebrow. "Just calm down."

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