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Just My Imagination

Amanda MorrisJanuary 15th 2018Chino Hills, California

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Amanda Morris
January 15th 2018
Chino Hills, California


I sat in my room, scrolling through the continuous hate comments under my post. I'm close with the brothers and hoes is mad they can't be me. Seems like a reasonable explanation to me.

I've seen one or two about Deuce but they weren't as bad as the ones I got. I heard a knock on my door so I closed out of insta and answered it. It was Zo and Darren.

"Lonzo Darren come in" I said with a sarcastic smile in my face. Lonzo walked in with Darren right behind him. Zo picked up Deuce from his play pin, before sitting on one of the barstools in my kitchen.

Darren sat next to him and gestured for me to sit. I raised and eyebrow, slightly confused on what was happening. I took a seat and Zo turned serious. "What's happening between you and Melo"

"Um... can you be more specific?" I'm not gonna a lie, I'm not exactly in the right mind set to talk about Melo. "The comments on your last post? I knew you two were close but he's still a minor Amanda"

I shook my head at him, holding in my laugh. "No, no, no y'all got it all wrong" I quietly laughed. "Melo has a huge crush on me- and yall know lithuanias legal age?" They both shook their heads.

"No what is it" he reached for his phone but I stopped him. "its 17 and Melo thinks imma go down there for his 17th because- I guess you already understand"

Zo shook his head. "This nigga is a mess- you mind if I call my dad to tell him?" I shook my head and took Deuce. "Nah its fine" he thanked me and called him, putting him on speaker.




Hey pops

Watchu want boy I'm busy

Its about the Melo thing

You talked to the girl?

Amanda- and yes

So what's going on

Melo just has a huge
crush on her

That boy- are you still
with her? I would like
to talk to her.

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