The pain is unbearable

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"He is not such a nice person"

I saw Jacod next to me. He was panting. He had run to catch up with me. "He is not a nice person". "I heard you the first time" I said. I was really annnoyed. He was ruining my early morning day. "Jacod I got to go I am late for chemistry class. You have five minutes, what's the rush?"

"Gosh, where did you get that?"

"What" I asked.

"The ring"

"Why do you bother?" I was so mad. "For whatever reason don't ever take that ring off" he pleaded.

"What crap!"

"It will protect you from evil charms" he said.

"Jacod you are so annoying".

"Get that thing hell away from me" muttered Alex slowly. "What thing?" I asked. "The ring!" I was getting so impatient. Some people telling you to wear it while other people tell you to discard it. "Alex what is wrong with you?"

That was the first fight we had. What a silly thing to fight over. Can guys be this vain? Alex told me he never want me to wear that ring. I don't know why but he sounded dead serious. I will never forget the look in his eyes when he said that. His eyes were like the eyes of  a stranger, so cold and distant. I shivered. Maybe I was mistaken I don't deem he would cast me such a horrible look.

I was back at home. I removed the ring and I thought I probably wouldn't wear it again or at least not wear it when Alex is around. I don't get what made him change. Or is this the real him? Why was he so against a gold ring. Life could be funny sometimes and people could be funnier.

It was wednesday noon and it was pouring. The rain made the streets blurred. A tall man was following a plum looking male. A knife was at the plum male"s throat. In an instant he was on the ground bleeding to death. It was two hours later when he was taken to the hospital. It was too late then:

"Rosen you heard the latest news. Who would have killed Ryan like that?" said Jasmin. "I know and he is one of Jacod's best buddies" I replied. Jasmin was staying the night at my place. We were playing monopoly on my bed. It was thursday night, two weeks exactly from the day I got my suprise ring. "It is said that he was wearing Jacod's black jacket.. Do you think it is true?" said Jasmin. " We will all have to go to his funeral. He was too young and innocent to die. Who would have done a beastly thing like that. The muderer exactly stabbed him twenty times. He must be some angry psychopathy" I grumbled.  "Could even be a she" muttered my friend.

I came home from the cemetery. It was sad and heartbreaking. I perceived Jacod and couple of other guys sheding a couple of tears for Ryan. Two deaths in one month. What a tragical thing! I lost a father and a classmate. He was a naive and a funny guy. He was the same height as Jacod only a bit fatter.

"Alex, my love I am sacred. I saw a nightmare. I just woke up and thought of calling you."

I told my boyfriend about the peculiar nightmare. He just laughed and said it is a silly dream and for me not to be afraid as he will always be there for me, to protect and to care. "You better go to sleep my princess" said Alex. I told him I want to see him first thing in the morning. He promised he will be there at eight o'clock. It was saturday and the sky was eerie. Dark clouds covered the rainy sky. I was in the sitting room when Alex showed up. I ran to him and kept my head on his chest. "I am exactly on time. I am your obedient lover." said him. "I was waiting for you and it hurt. I can't live without you now. You have become my life. Swear that you will never leave me."

I was so happy that he promised he will never leave me. I was so over the moon when he told me again anad again how much he loves me. I can't believe how lucky I could be to get a guy who loves me so much like him. I looked at myself on the mirror. I saw a girl of 5'7. She had huge ice blue eyes, a perfect nose and a beautiful pair of lips. Her hair was straight and light brown. I applied black eye liner along my top and bottom eyes. I covered my lips with pale pink lipstick. I thought I will wear a pair of heels as Alex is so tall. We will complement eachother's heights. I was ready to go to the saturday night disco.

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