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FRIDAY, JULY 12TH, 2024: 1 P.M.

"I'm hungry, leave me the fuck alone!" Zo snapped, causing me to look around the room.

"Who the fuck you talking to, Zohra Washington?" I asked, mugging her.

"You, Tribal Washington." She said, mugging me.

"Bet, because we ain't gone sit up here and act like I didn't ask you what you wanted to eat multiple times. I know you pregnant and everything, but yelling at me ain't gone get you nowhere. We still communicate in our normal voices the only time you should be screaming at me is durning sex." I said, getting up from the couch.

"Where you going?" She asked, softly.

"To make you something to eat." I said, then my phone started ringing and it was Durk.


"Wassup?" I asked, walking inside of the kitchen.

"Nigga, you tryna slide to this party with the gang tonight?" He asked, while heated up Zo some noddles.

"Nigga, what party?" I asked, opening a pack of noddles inside of a bowl then I went to the sink and added water to them.

"Fucking YG birthday party he want all us to slide, but you know if you ain't going I'm staying home with my wife." He said, then I put the noodles inside of the microwave.

"Man you know ion like stepping out unless babygirl beside me on the scene, and why his old ass can't have a dinner or some shit." I said, causing him to laugh then Zohra came inside the kitchen with my t-shirt on.

"C'mere." I said, then she walked over to me and hugged me.

"I'm sorry for my attitude, baby. I'm also sorry if I made you feel any type of way when I raised my voice." She said, looking up at me with teary eyes.

"I forgive you, and don't even cry ian mad at you. It just something we gotta work, ok?" I asked, then she nodded.

"I feel bad." She said, laying her head on my chest.

"Well don't you not perfect, and we all make mistakes." I said, kissing her forehead.

"What, she came and apologized first? India ass make me apologize for shit she did, then she apologize." He said, causing me to shake my head.

"Shit that ain't none of my business partna, but I ain't got nothing going on tonight so I'll show my face out there." I said, while lifting up Zo's shirt so I could rub her booty.

"Bet, I need to go get me a fit from the mall and shit nie. What you finna do?" He asked, then her noodles beeped.

"I got some shit to handle with my baby, then imma chill with her till it's time for me to leave." I said, pulling away from her then I pulled her noddles out and added the lil seasoning packet then I added the other seasoning she likes to add.

"Bet." He said, then I handed her the bowl after I stirred everything up.

"Love, nigga." I said, then he said it back then I hung up.

"Thank you, and where you going?" She asked, sitting on top of the counter with her noddles beside her.

"To YG birthday party. Shit I need a cut and my hair done." I said, looking inside of the mirror.

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