Salt Prank, Gone Wrong (SFW)

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You were cooking soup for dinner when you remembered the "salt spoon prank" trend.

You decided to do it to your boyfriend, who was currently in your living room, working.

You scooped a spoonful of salt and covered it with some soup. You walked to your boyfriend with the spoon carefully, making sure not to spill any.

"Babe, can you try the soup I've made?" You asked, stifling your laugh as you positioned the spoon near his mouth.

"Taste it yourself babe. I'm busy." He said, still focused on his work.

"C'mon pleaasee?" You begged. "I said I'm busy." He replied coldly. "Just a little taste?" You gave him your best puppy eyes.

"Ugh what's your deal?! I said I'm busy, do you not understand?!" He yelled, hitting the spoon away from his mouth, splashing the liquid all over himself and his paperworks.

"Now look what you've done! Ugh you're so annoying. Get out of my sight!" He yelled again, pointing at the door.

"I think you're forgetting that this is MY living room and MY house. So, I think YOU'RE the one who should be getting out of my sight." You scowled at him.

He gathered his stuff, enraged. Before he could leave, you grabbed his wrist.

"I just wanted you to taste this." You said as you slapped him, pushing him out of your house.

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