Chapter 6 ~Chril Friends Forever

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Chrissy POV:

"Where are they? They said be here in fifteen minutes and I'm here but are they? No!" I muttered to myself I kept looking around until I spotted Quil. Oh finally. Wait where's Embry and Jake? Don't tell me they stood me up!

"Hey your here" he said sighing after running up to me. I scowled at him. What might as well live up to being a bitch since I am one.

"Your late! Where are Embry and Jacob? I'm not a very patient person unless I want to be. And I was looking forward to hanging out."

"Awwww, you were looking forward to it! That's so sweet!" He said smiling a goofy grin "Oh and Jacob and Embry aren't coming, Jake went to see Bella Swan, and Embry's mom dragged him grocery shopping. He's such a mommas boy" he chuckled

"So are you" I accused he immediately shut up "so its just you and me, what do you wanna do?" He smirked evilly

"PRANKS!" He jumped up and down excitedly like a little boy watching Dragon Ball Z for the first time. I smiled and nodded.

"Alright who we pranking?"

"Um how about Jacob since he ditched us?" He asked I smiled evilly I've got a plan up my sleeve, well I'm not wearing sleeves, I'm wearing a tank top and, you get what I mean.

"Let's go then!" I exclaimed. We ran off to a small store in town, you see the man who owns this store made it after he graduated from High School, he was just like I shall make a prank store for the future kids!

"Okay so we've got itching powder, sneezing powder, or a floppy cushion?" He asked I looked at him with an eyebrow raised. "What?" He asked

"How about we get this, and this, we pull a small prank on Embry but its not his fault his mom dragged him off shopping." I said grabbing a few things. he nodded. After we bought everything it was time to get to work. First up, Embry, we snuck into his room and went for his favorite shirt that he wears almost everyday, and is most likely to change into it when he gets home. We put some itching powder in all over the inside of it. After that its time for Jacob, I had to help Quil out of his window and then I jumped out.

"Show off" he mumbled walking away. I snickered. We then walked to Jakes house, yes! He's not here. "Okay so exactly what are we doing?"

"First, we get a camera, and put it in the back of his Rabbit to capture everything. Next, we get this blue body paint and dump it into this bucket. Then, we will hang it above the door, and connect it with a rope that way when he opens the door it will spill all over him." I explained while he smiled evilly like I did earlier today.

We set up everything and left to the now deserted beach. We got there and Quil started singing loudly and quite terrible might I add. I got this urge to sing with him.

"My Pokemon brings all the boys to the yard"

"And they're like ya wanna trade cards" I sang back he smiled big

"Damn right I wanna trade cards"

"Give me Pikachu, with electric charge" I sang back he laughed loudly

"Chril!" He exclaimed excitedly

"Chril?" I asked

"Chrissy and Quil combined, together Chril! We are unstoppable!" He yelled I started laughing

"Damn right!" I yelled back

"QUIL!" We heard Jacob and Embry's voices yell as they walked towards us

"Except with them, RUN!" I yelled pushing Quil. We took off running as they chased after us but halfway down the beach Quil tripped.

"SAVE YOURSELF!" He yelled I ran back

"NO NOT WITHOUT YOU, WE ARE UNSTOPPABLE AND, okay bye" I took off after they were behind him I felt myself being lifted up in the air by someone it smells like Jake. But I started kicking anyway I don't want to be blue. "No put me down Jake I don't want to be royal blue."

"See it was her idea!" Quil said

"You turned me royal blue?!" He asked well yelled

"Assault! Assault!" I started yelling again while kicking my feet

"You done?" He asked when I started slowing down in kicking

"No!" I yelled and started kicking again that's it I'm tired I wiggled my arms and I was free "I'm free! I'm free!" I yelled as Jacob stood there dumbfounded.

"Well help me!" Quil yelled I glared at him

"Why? You sold me out!"

"Please?" He gave me puppy eyes, man I'm the female dog I can't take it! I sighed. I walked to Embry and smiled sweetly

"Embry will you please let go of Quil?" I asked putting on an innocent face he gulped

"Sorry but I can't" I furrowed my eyebrows I whispered in his ear this time.

"Let him go and I'll help wash your shirt and maybe see a movie?" He nodded "okay so when I say so run" he nodded again then let go of Quil.

"Thank you!" He said happily I pushed him into Jacob and they fell over

"RUN!" Embry and I took off running in the direction of my house. While Quil and Jacob struggled getting up when Quil did though he had yelled something.


"IM DOING THIS FOR YOU" I yelled back while Embry and I ran.

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