Zendaya P.O.V

I just turned 19 about four months ago. Recently I just moved to a different school that some of my old friends are now at. At my birthday bash, I remember this boy flirting with me but I turned him down. Although I really liked him I tried very hard to not show it and to try to avoid running into him until the end of the party. He seemed

as if he was really deeply into me. But none of this can be true because I didn't really know him and neither did he.

~* At My New School ~*

My best friend had just told me that she had seen us at the party and told me that he goes to our school and that his name is Trevor Jackson. When she told me that my heart just jumped out of my body and started dancing. I was really looking forward to seeing him in school for the remainder of the day. I can't believe myself I was really starting to have feelings for someone who I don't even know. Usually I played hard to get with guys go see if they really liked me and wanted to be with me.

Zevor is all I want ( a Trevor and Zendaya love story )Bu hikayeyi ÜCRETSİZ oku!