Rowlan's p.o.v (Rowlan----->)


Doesn't he know that i love him so damn much that i would do anything for him till the day i die? And even in the afterlife,i still would?

Why is he torturing me like this?Does he think i don't see the way he pulls away from me every time i try to hug him? Does he really think that his weight bothers me?

Maybe i should fuck every insecure thought out of his pretty little head until he has nothing to think about except loving me. I really don't care if he's fat, skinny,anorexic or bulimic! I would still love him!

SHIT! I can feel my control tetering on a thin edge and about to snap...and when i do,it's going to be deadly. And if i do get my hands on him....let's just say he won't be walking for a month by the time i'm through with him.

*Sigh* But i'm afraid i'll hurt him. I mean he's so fragile and delicate that i'm afraid i'll break him if i even slightly caress him or touch him.

I mean I don't know what to do anymore.Should I just confess my love for him or should I just keep the love,pain and heartache to myself till the day die?

I'm soo damn frustrated and angry at him for making me fall in love with his kindness,his beauty,his lush and supple,delectable body...ARRGH!!!! Curse him for makeing me feel this way about him!

But I have known this was coming. I've fell in love with Austin ever since the day I first laid my eyes on him in third grade after I saved him from a bully picking on him because he was fat. I just knew that this sweet boy was going to be mine in future and after that we've been inseparable since.

Austin may think that he's fat and worthless and unattractive but it looks like he doesn't seem to see the way some men at our college look at him. Every single time Austin passes one of them,they practically eye rape him and one of them had the nerve to say that he wanted to fuck that sweet and Lucious body that belongs to me!(well in my dreams of course)

And you wanna know what I did to him?...You got it right...I fucked him up.That's right,I fucked him up so bad he lived in the hospital for a week.

However he learned his lesson and so did everyone else because I haven't seen anyone look at him that way eversince.

But i'm no different from them am i?I always look at him with yearning,hoping that one day he would put us both out of our misery and confess to me and then we would make love....but I guess that it's just wishful thinking on part only.

But I know this...I'll always love Austin till the day I die and even if the after life.However my dying wish would be for him to whisper the words I have wanted to hear all my life.

I'll always love you Austin and I will never stop....

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