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Author's Note: Hope everyone had a fabulous week! I had a lot of fun writing this section. I've been to a lot of hotels and B&Bs, and I love what Peter and Julie are doing. So, this chapter is the natural movement of their feelings. It was fun to be the fly on the wall and relate what is happening in their minds. Ok, I guess it's more of a psychic fly, but still, you'll like it. Remember, to vote and comment when you're done. It really helps to get others on Wattpad to know about my story. Thanks for coming back or if you just found this story, welcome. Get ready for a fun ride! Enjoy!-Marilyn

Chapter 16

Julie POV

I found myself safe and sound in the hotel bed at our stop on our latest historical building hunt. I was writing on my laptop notes from what we'd found worked for Peter's company. A cute oval mansion had been in the list to check out. It was fabulous. I was writing down the info to get the purchases set to turn it into a B & B.

The one thing that was needed were those cute little places to stay. If we traveled along the highway, we could set up a chain within one day's travel. Not unlike the mission trail back home in California. It was my new idea I'd pitched to Peter. So far, he was liking it, and we'd headed out to check some places.

A month of being friends had been paying off. I'd come up with a whole bunch of plans to get things going for Peter. The summer was in full tilt, and June was almost over. The Fourth of July was on the horizon. I loved the heart of summer. Everything was fabulously high with energy. Anything was possible.

I looked back over my notes, and made some adjustments to the contractors I thought would work best with each location. The phone rang. I grabbed it and heard Peter on the other end.

"What you up to?"

"Just finishing off notes from this afternoon's latest discovery."

He paused before continuing. "Want to seal the end of the day with a drink down in the bar?"

We'd happened upon one of the chain hotels with a little bar and restaurant downstairs. I sighed. Friends were great. Friends were wonderful. But I didn't know if I could stay that way much longer. Peter was just too sweet for his own good. I wasn't finding any faults on purpose. But he'd been mostly business the last several weeks. What could a few drinks do? Or maybe dinner?

"Sure. Why not?"

"I'll see you in the bar in 10 minutes."

"Kay. See ya."

I put the phone down and looked over the t-shirt and sweats I'd put on to get comfortable after the day's property scouting session. What did I have to dress myself up a bit? I got up and started digging through my suitcase finding a dressier blouse and black mini skirt. They would have to do. Maybe if I put my hair up, more make-up and heels? Add a shiny necklace I'd thrown in the bag for just in case. I smiled at the thought of dressing up for Peter. It had been awhile. Maybe I should have some fun with it.

I went into the bathroom and dug through my make-up bag. I looked for some jazzy eye shadow in my compact, and fished for a red lipstick. I applied the going-out mode applications, and liked what I saw. I licked my lips together.

Maybe it's time to move past the friendship stance. I blushed at the thought. I wondered what he would look like with no shirt on. There was a hot tub in the hotel too. That would be an easy way to see. But I hadn't brought a swimsuit. I shrugged and thought, well, maybe I wouldn't need a suit to find out.

Peter's POV

I waited at the bar and took another sip of my vodka. She said she'd be down in 10 minutes. It had been 20 since I'd called. Typical of a woman to be late. Then, I saw her walk through the door. It had been worth it. She walked in a tight black mini-skirt, tight black blouse with square front where her cleavage accented the flash of bling necklace around her neck. I wanted to take that necklace off and stroke her skin. Look in her eyes, and kiss her deep. Nothing had been the same since we'd been trying the friends thing. I wanted her more now that she didn't seem to.

She strolled up, the red lipstick driving me crazy. It took everything to not kiss her at the bar. But instead I said, "What you drinking?"

"A glass of wine. Red, I think."

I got the bartender's attention, and ordered a wine for Julie.

"You look amazing, you know."

Julie's POV

"No, I didn't. Thanks for letting me know. It's fun to dress up." I left out I was dressing up for him. He was looking me over, drinking from his eyes my outfit. I'd say mission was accomplished there.

"You hungry?"

"I might be later."

Peter's POV

I looked into her eyes. They danced for me with hope. The candlelight lit her face so I could see all the angles of her divine heart shaped face. How could anyone be so beautiful? It was catching my breath. Instead, I covered with another drink of vodka, and finish the glass. I motioned the bartender to come over and give me a refill.

"Could I have a refill?" He nodded and I turned back to Julie. I wanted to reach out and stroke her cheek, take me in my arms and kiss her hard. I readjusted on the bar stool not to make my need so obvious. Down boy. Patience is a virtue.

I had to get my mind off of her top. Her breasts sloping gently into her blouse were very distracting. "I think that oval mansion is our best find yet."

She finished her sip of wine. "I think so too. I jotted down the contractors I think will put the best touches on the place. This area could use a nice B & B. I like this hotel. It's very modern, but kinda cold for anything other than business. The place we found today would be great for weddings."

"Touché. It's why I hired you. You think ahead of the obvious." I think I was falling in love with her. I looked at her as she did a cute smile. I loved it when she lit up like that. "You've got the knack for this Julie. Even my father said so."

"Really, what else does your father say about me?"

I couldn't look her in the eye. Then, I noticed she was waiting. I looked up. "He thinks you're the best assistant yet. You've brought more business in. You organize everything to the nines. You're a perfectionist. I can trust you to get things done."

"What do you think?"

I couldn't help myself. I leaned forward. I grabbed her knee without thinking. "You're the best thing that has happened to me yet."

She didn't pull away. Maybe she was ready.

The bartender came over and interrupted our moment. "Mr. Mason, they just called over from the restaurant that your table is ready."

"Right, thank you." I got out my wallet to leave him a tip as Julie slid off of the bar chair, wine glass in hand. She followed me we walked to the restaurant. I'd have to wait for my answer maybe after dinner. I hoped she was ready for more than just friendship and business.

**End of Part 16***

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