Winners | 7 - 9

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7. I N F A L L I B L E



A frog in a well knows nothing of the sea
its crashing waves and glittering sea foam
the echos of whale song deep within the churning abyss
an albatross's cry echoing across the sunset harbor, - matane!

he knows only the dim lit well, the old stones and green shoots
his song is infallible dew drops, dripping from above each morning
the pool in tranquil where the frog sits today as the dew drops drip
A croak echoes up to meet the rising sun, contented, - tadaima.



When you look at me with firefly eyes,
When you speak to me with glistening praise,
When you breathe for me with an honest promise,
We are forever infallible.

8. F E R O C I T Y



The valiant warrior now stood alone
All his comrades lay still and prone

His scars adorned him all around
On his own he stood his ground

His courage had left his foe aghast
With sheer ferocity he struck his last

But fortune has always favored the brave
With one strike an army was razed



To say the least, my other self is dangerous,
The red glow in the eyes while their head's filled with ruthless thoughts,
They love to create chaos to see everyone's hopes shatter into a million pieces,
They want to set the world on fire and watch it all burn down to ashes.

Blood drips from their hands onto the cold marble floor,
Their maniacal laughter eerily echoes past all the doors,
Their ferocity is on an inevitable rise,
Always has their deadly gaze fixed on the prize.

9. A L A C R I T Y



Darling! Darling! Tap tap tap!
Her casement window rapped. On the other side —
in the blackest of nights — a rakish, ruby-eyed chap.
The demon king extends his hand to his lover behind the glass.

I’ve come to whisk you away. Together, we shall lord over my domain.
I promise vitality. I promise eternity. And of course —
my ever lasting love. If only you take my hand.
And with joyous alacrity, she accepted, and was never seen again.



laughing daffodils
wiggle with anticipation,
preparing for the morning rays that nurture them with a saccharine
drops of alacrity feeding excitement with a bubbly twinkle
floating into a lively demeanor of readiness
they grasp the last segment of sunlight
their swift greedy leaves can get at

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