Winners | 4 - 6

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4. A D V E R S I T Y



Gogh derived mono printed meadows

The grounds upon which our feet trod is a clumped up mass of leaves
A variety of greens yellows and browns
Topped with clear skies stretched over miles
A serene painting of beauty, purely surface level depiction.
For the ground below the expansion of fallen leaves is murky soil too deep for us to move forward.

Stagnant in a falsehood of serene beauty
Forever stuck in purgatory and adversity



Ink umbrellas bobbed to and fro,
like flimsy ebony pansies,
while grim frowns danced around the unfortunate scene,
a pure sight of decaying adversity.

5. A N C I E N T



My lover is three centuries ancient.
A dragon with a penchant for savants.
Smooth carborundum scales calefacient.
Shallow beauty or station - he cares not.

Brick chested in mortal transformation.
A tail of smooth ebony hair, tied taught.
A true gentleman - devout, and patient.
My dragon is a handsome juggernaut.



There once was a man without a name
His appearance never changed, he stayed the same

Centuries passed, ages had gone
Yet he still stood mighty and strong

No-one knew how he came to be
No-one knew if from his curse he could be set free

He is ancient, of long ago
He still walks amongst us, we just don't know

6. P E T R I C H O R



If life were a movie, I'd press rewind
I'd leave it all and go back in time

I'd give up the world for a chance again
To dance without a care in the pouring rain

When Her patter would feel like musical notes
As I blissfully played with my paper boats

I'd give all my breaths for just one more
Breath of my childhood's sweet petrichor



the idea of rain is such a simple thing,
yet brings so much tenderness with it
and for that, i adore the rain
so much
it could easily be a weakness
the sweet and sticky aroma of petrichor
takes me back
to what once was

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