Chapter 25

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He held her tight in his arms. Inhaled the very scent that drove him over the edge. He felt her slowly pull away. And when he looked down into her eyes he noticed that his idiot brother over did it with sleeping draught. She moaned and her eyes drowsily looked up into his.

"I think tis best if you lay down," he whispered.

Nodding her head, she agreed.

He lifted her into his arms and placed her further up on the bed. He caressed her cheek as her eyes slowly closed.
In a drowsy voice she spoke to him.

"Lay next to me, I don't want you to go," she whispered.

Overwhelmed with her request, he immediately answered her.

"I will never leave you," he breathed.

Slowly he rose and walked around to the opposite side of the bed. He climbed in and together they inched closer to one another. The full length of her back caressed his chest, as he rapped his arms around her waist and gently pulled her flush against him, he felt her body relax.

The feelings that took over him had his heart racing fast. He buried his face in her hair and marveled in this new feeling of being complete. Never has he ever felt this. It was all so new to him. Everything was war and training for him. There was always a willing serving wench that warmed his bed, but never like this. This was different and reveled in it not wanting it to ever end.

She slept soundly in his arms. The calm feeling that she hasn't had in months she finally felt it. Slowly she opened her eyes and blinked quickly to gain clarity of where she was. She took in her reality and accepted it head on. She sort of gave any hope of ever returning home. Her nightmare or what she thought was her nightmare was her reality now. She was living and breathing in the 12th century.

She felt the warmth at her back and gently rubbed the hand that was tightly wrapped around her waist. She turned her head slightly noticing that he was awake and his eyes shifted and focused on hers.
Silently they stared at one another.
His eyes, she noticed were bright and beautiful as he looked down at her.
"Hi," she whispered softly.
"Hi," he said, his voice husky that it sent a shiver down her spine.

She bit her lip and shyly looked down away from his gaze.
He raised himself on his elbow and cocked his head to one side and his gaze warmly looked over her.
Nervously she smiled.
He grinned.
She looked into his eyes and listened to him sigh. He gently took his index finger and caught a loose curl from her shoulder focusing on it and twirling it around he looked at her again intensely .
He paused as if finding the words in his head to say.

"I want to know more about you lass," he looked into her eyes.

Her gaze never left his as they blinked softly and she turned her head to get a clearer view of him.

"Well...what do you want to know?"

"Well." he paused. "Everything,"

"Everything ? ,"

"Aye, everything," he chuckled .

He watched as her eyes sparkled with her smile as she laughed.

He sat silently and listened her. He laughed rolling his eyes as she forced him to agree and swear not to ask anything of the past or political. Nothing of his country or his king or future kings. Nothing.

"Pinky swear?" She beamed up at him with a smile and her finger.
His gorgeous smile formed and followed her hands gesture and linked his pinky with hers. It was odd he thought . He was compelled to a promise and it was honored in the fashion Baffled him.

As she began to speak she sat up crossed legs facing him as he comfortably layed on his back and looked up listening to her.

She spoke of her childhood, growing up, her family and friends. He watched as her emotions crossed her eyes as she spoke of her family mostly her mother. How her aunt took her in and her father became distant after her mother's death. Her eyes beamed with how after so long of not seeing him, she finally had him in her life and planned to continue college and live with him in Manhattan.
It was so much to absorb he noticed, there was so much to know.
He chuckled at her never ending mischief with Mimi. He listened closely a little jealous as she spoke of Carl and Andrew and calmed his raging heart as she emphasized the brotherly love they felt for her.
It was a world wind of information he mentally had to understand. A lot is changed... fashion, environment , customs.
They drove cars.
Flew in planes
Rode trains.
Such things had him in shock.

They spoke for hours and she had him mesmerized.

She went on to speak about her favorite foods: pizza, Chinese food and icecream.

By the time she got around to her music she had her cell phone in her hand. They lay together head to head as she showed him pictures.
His eyes lit up with each image of her.


Wide grey eyes took in image after image of her and her friends. She showed him pictures from parties and trips. His heart quickened at the sight of her in very little clothing called a Bikini.

By the time she was fully through her pictures, her phone beeped.
Battery power low 25%
She looked blankly at the image and sighed. He gently caressed her hand that held it and their eyes met.

"What is wrong?" He looked deep into her eyes that slowly began to glisten with tears.
Putting on her brightest smile she pushed her sadness away.
"Nothing to worry about," she shook her head.

He lowered his head and kissed her pulling her into his warm embrace.
She wrapped her arms around him and welcomed his embrace and his kisses.

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