Try Not to Kiss Trend (SFW)

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You wanted to try the "try not to kiss" trend with your boyfriend.

When you entered his room, he was reading a book.

He doesn't seem to notice you so you set up your phone somewhere and started recording (you were wearing airpods so only you can hear the audio).

You took the book from him and sat on his lap. You wrapped your arms around his neck and he automatically wrapped his arms around your waist.

You teasingly leaned in as he mirrored your actions, then you looked away and smiled at your hidden phone.

You did the same thing again two more times and that's when he started to get irritated.

"You're gonna regret teasing me like that dear.." He then wrapped your legs around his waist and threw you on the bed.

You heard the audio end, indicating that your phone was no longer recording. He then crawled on top of you and kissed your neck.

"What's the video for darling? You think I wouldn't notice huh? Is it to show your friends that I'm yours? Or you just really want my attention? Well, you've got it now baby." He said, kissing you after every sentence.

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