Chapter 11

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Anna's POV

"So what's the deal with you and that horse?" Cadee asked, in a not so nice way. "What 'deal'?" I asked nervously. "Oh, I don't know, the fact that you practically shoved everybody out of the way on the first day, and you were playing a dumb little game of tag with her a while ago," she said. "There is nothing," I mumbled. "Please, there is some connection between the two of you! You two are inseparable!" Riley added. "Come on, tell us!" Cadee said. Then a cheer started. "Tell us, tell us!" the other girls chanted. Please stop please stop, I said to myself in my head. They weren't stopping. I sighed. "Fine," I said quietly.

"I live on a Christmas tree farm, and at the end of our property there was a small, scrappy farm. One day, I went to my friend's house and we took a riding lesson together. I was totally hooked, but I wasn't allowed to take anymore lessons because it's too expensive. So one day, I went down to the edge of our property to go see if there were any horses at the old farm, but I knew there wouldn't be. It seemed as if the farm hadn't been touched in years! But when I got down there, I saw Fairy. Of course, she was a lot thinner and dirtier, but she seemed to like having me there. So I crawled over the fence, and I started to pet her. She seemed friendly, and I went to go see her everyday. I had been seeing her for about a year when she started to go downhill. I noticed that she was really skinny, and sometimes there would be cuts on her. Everyday that I would visit her, she got worse. One day, she even hobbled to the gate a few yards away and unlatched it and walked into our property! I made her go back into her field though, because I knew she wasn't mine. I wished she was. Everyday I would bring her food, like vegetables and fruits, and that was sort of enough for her, but then one day, she was so weak and skinny and beaten, she laid down and I climbed the fence and sat with her, petting her and telling her how wonderful she was. After a while, I heard a man's voice, and he started running over here and yelling. I thought he was coming to help her, so I started waving to the guy, but then he started screaming bad stuff to me, and if I ever came back to his property, he would call the police. When Fairy heard him coming, she quickly stood up, but fell. Then the man said, "You stupid clumsy horse! You can't even stand," and he threw a beer bottle at her and she got another cut. She trotted away, and I ran inside to my house. The next day, the guy wasn't there, so I went down to see her. She laid down again, and when I heard a truck pull in, I decided to try to get her to come into my property. I tried to get her to stand up, but she couldn't, and that's when I called Century Farms. I knew I should've done it a long while before, but she was my best friend and I always looked forward to seeing her. When the people arrived to pick her up, I hid behind some of the trees and watched as she was helped into the trailer, and was taken to the vet. About a month later, I got a call that said thank you for reporting her, because I saved her life. That's it," I said, then went outside of the bunkhouse to go see Fairy.

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