Enticing Darkness

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  • Dedicated to My mom, because even though I get frustrated at writing, she encourages me to ke

A.N.- Hey guys! This is another story that I had to revise! It won't have the fantasy element for a bit, because that part is kind of new to the whole story! I hope you guys like it so far! I know I love writing this story because the characters are so awesome to me!(: Have a great day everyone! And comments/criticism is welcome! And if there are any spelling errors/grammer mistakes please tell me! Also this story is told in different point of views, so each chapter will have the person's name for the point of view!


                Mom called up the stairs, her being my alarm clock ever since I had started fifth grade. Since then, I’ve learned the trick of tugging the pillow over my ears, and setting my own alarm on my phone that’s set to go off ten minutes later. Beep, beep, BEEP! And there it goes. Sluggishly I pull myself up and look at the mirror across the room and cringe. My hair is a fright, not to mention I have bags under my eyes.

                Sighing, I rose out of bed and pulled on a band tee and some jeans and brushed my hair furiously. Grabbing my bottle cap belt and my messenger bag, I bolted out of my room and rushed down the stairs. Sure, an extra ten minutes of sleep is nice, but then I have to rush like a mad woman to get to school on time. Mom had already left and I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a bagel with cream cheese on it.

                After a couple bites, the doorbell rang and I set the partially eaten bagel back down on the plate and, calmly, walked to the door. Opening it, I smiled, setting my eyes on a six foot two inches, dark haired, blue eyed, eighteen year old man who reflected my expression.

                “You ready to go?” He asked, while grinning and talking my hand in his. Obviously he had already answered that questioned in his own mind, so I nodded and locked the door behind me as we stepped out onto the pavement.

                “It sucks that Spring Break is already over.” And that I’m dead tired from partying all week, and that school’s almost over, meaning Spencer is going to graduate. I glanced up at the man that was walking beside me, since he was only five inches taller than me; we stood at a pretty even height for a couple.

                “Yeah, but that means only a couple more months before school is finally out, and I can leave my step-mom’s house for good.” The corners of his mouth curled up into his famous have-to-catch-my-breath grin.

                “That’s the only plus side of it, other than that, it totally ruins everything.” Glancing down, I watched our feet and how they were in sync with each step we took. Suddenly he stopped, and cupped my face with his left hand.

                “Now you promised you wouldn’t be one of those over-dramatic girls, Rose.” He gave a soft smile and kissed me with the same gentleness he always did when he was being sentimental. With my eyes closed, I felt him kiss my eyelids and they fluttered open when he pulled back. Still smiling, we continued to walk on our daily route to school.

                We walked the rest of the way in silence, our shoulders pressing against each other and our hands intertwined. When we arrived at the old brick building, Spencer pushed open the front door and opened it for me. Despite his rough upbringing, he was quite the gentleman at times, which made me blush as the other girls in school complained to their boyfriends how they never treat them like that. Because he shows his sensitive side in public, many girls have tried to “steal” Spencer away from me.

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