I'm Falling

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Lily's Pov

"Kallum " I screamed that's all I could think of. Him lying in his own blood while I criered next to him. It was my fault, what if he died it's my fault I knew I shouldn't messed with Daniel.

It was now Monday, I had been at the hospital all weekend, sitting in the same dress, in the same position hoping he would wake up, the doctors said they did all they can but it now up to him. 
Please wake up Kal I need you, you're my brother.I cant do this without you.
My parents haven't come at all they said he would wake up, that he's fine. What kind of parents does that! I guess they where busy with work and if they stopped to think they would be like me, a blubbering mess. Mia came with me to the hospital and each day someone new came in saying it was alright, I didn't listen I didn't look at them I sat there holding my brothers hand, I didn't eat nor sleep. He needed me I could tell.

Ethan pov

It was my fault she was now going to lose the person she cared most about in this world. I knew it was a bad idea to get her involved, I didn't go to visit her brother I knew she would hate me.I mean I would too, I should have trusted her we should have called the plan off but I didn't because of my own pride.

When Daniel kissed her I nearly lost it, he shouldn't touch her. It should be me. Wait I didn't just say that. Man up Eth .You can have any girl but you want her. The geek, the one that doesn't stay in her place.

Knock knock.

"Come in " I said from my room I'd been sat her since Friday night .I turned towards the door to see Charlie he didn't look good, he had dark circles under his eyes he hadn't slept. See he is good for someone like Lily he cares. He's right for her not me. I don't even know why I'm saying that I don't even like her like that.

"You alright? Man you look like hell," I say, as he sits on the coach and I join him.

" Well, I sure feel like it " he half smiles but it doesn't reach his eyes. 

"How's Lil " I ask wanting to know. 

"Not good man she won't eat, she won't sleep. She hasn't even changed out of her dress from the ball, it's covered in her brother's blood but she won't move. Even Mia can't get through to her " he put his head in his hand, he really cares for her.

"I don't know what to do man " he said with so much sorrow in his voice.

"I wouldn't ask this Eth if I didn't think it would work, can you come to the hospital and talk to her, she will listen to you. Please" he said looking up at me I couldn't say no. So I nodded. He got up from his seat and gave me a proper hug. 
"Thanks man"

"I dont think she will talk to me but I guess I can try" I say as we leave.

We arrived at the hospital around five at night; we went up to the first floor and went down a long corridor. I always hated hospitals they are never a happy place. We stopped at a door and Charlie went in I saw Lily by the bed holding her brothers hand she was looking at him with all the hope in the world. 
I walked in to see Mia and Riley there by the window they were watching Lily with saddens in their eyes and Charlie was standing behind Lily. She looked up form her place and looked at me.Like she knew someone else was coming in like she wanted me to come and visit.

She looked so broken, her hair was messy she had dark circles under her eyes and you could see she hadn't been eating. She also had red eyes and lines down her check from where the tears had been. Yet she still looked perfect to me. 
I walked over to her and knelt by her side, she watched me and then she grabbed my hand. I looked up to see her staring back at her brother, her lip was moving.

"It's all my fault " she said barely a whisper I only just caught it.

"Lily ... Lily, look at me " I say and put my hand under her chin she moved her head to look at me. "None of this is your fault you hear me. None of it. " I say putting my hand on her check and whipping the tears away with my thumb. 

"Sorry to interrupt " I turn to see the doctor stand at the door way, she looked at me then at Lily. " May I please talk to you " she said looking at Mia, and me we nodded and went out side.

" What's wrong doctor " Mia asks as soon as she shut door

" Master Reed has lost a lot of blood "

"What are you saying?" I ask 

" He is unlikely to survive this event. "The doctor finishes I look back at the door and think of Lily, she won't survive this, she thinks this is her fault.

"And if that happens?" I ask wanting to know where this was leading

"we need to know the Miss Reed will have a good support system " the doctor finished we stayed silent for awhile.

"KALLUM" I heard her scream, please oh please. She can't be left alone. I rushed over to the door we closed only a few moments ago and opened to see Lily hugging her brother. He's not dead is he? I couldn't see his face but she was crying and smiling.

" Kallum, you're okay" she said and pulled back. Her brother was alive and smiling barely. She was crying tears of joy she looked so happy. 

" God Lily you stink " he says while she laughed. Then we were told to wait outside while the doctors did the checks. 
Lily was smiling as she got up to leave but started to fall, I quickly picked her up before she could hit the floor. A gasp escaped her lips as I carried her out of the room like a bride.

I could feel her gaze on me but I didn't look; my heart was beating so hard I'm surprised she didn't hear it. We were outside the room and I was still holding her. 

" Ethan you can put me down, " she said, and reluctantly I let her feet drop to the floor so she was standing. She lost balance and leaned into me for help.

" I'll go and get you some food " Mia says as she leaves with Riley to go to the food court. Charlie was looking at the floor with an unknown expression. I was about to ask when the doctor came out.

" He's fine he will be able to leave on Wednesday but we need his parents to come and sign some forms" she said to lily

" Can't I sign them?" She asks

" No, you're too young I'll contact your parents " the doctor said and walked away. Lily was following him with her eyes. 

" What's wrong?" Charlie ask 
She looks at him and smiles

" Nothing I just want to see my brother " and with that Charlie took her hand to help her into the room and she sat and talked to her brother. I watched from the hallway. 
I heard Mia stand next to me she gave Lily her food and left the room, Riley had to go to work. 

" She's really grateful for you coming Ethan, I was worried you wouldn't turn up " she says not looking at me " she also cares a lot about you, I can see it in her eyes it's not like when she loved Daniel " there was a pause

" This was his fault wasn't it " she said looking at me. 
I nodded " you better look after her because if he comes back she won't be able to do this without you and I know she docent want to tell me "

"thats for your own safety" I say she looked at me shocked

"you know him" I nodded slightly

"very well" I looked at her she looked so shocked, then turned to watch lily then it clicked what doses mean she wont be able to do it without me.

" Wait what do you mean" I ask

"About what?" she asked in a dreamlike tone

"She wont be able to do this without me? She can"

"You don't see it do you ?" she smiled at me

"See what?" I asked clueless , her smile grew bigger 

" Goodnight Ethan " the she walks away, Lily sure has some wired friends but I don't care, because I like her.

Wait, I don't like her. I'm Ethan King. I don't fall for girls, they fall for me. 
But she beautiful inside and out she's selfless and perfect even if she doesn't see it. 
Wtf. I'm falling for Lily Reed.

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