Chapter one. Strange island, strange people...

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Blossom. The first thing I remember. A warm sunbeam stroked my face. A huge headache filled my head, like a thousand yaks were running in my head. I opened my eyes. The sun... So bright. I looked to the left. A woman, no, a girl. Blond hair, strange clothes. She looked at me with a worried look in her eyes. I looked the other way. There was a boy. Brown hair and kind of the same clothes, and the same look. I looked up to the sky, to find that seagulls were circeling abover my head. "He is awake!" the girl said. "I can see that Astrid... Hey buddy, what happened to you?" I didn't answer, n'or move. I just couldnt. Every part of my body just... Hurted... "Hiccup, why isn't he answering?" The girl asked. "Maybe he is just tired" "Ships... Too many... Sisters... Where are my sisters? Where is dad?" I muttered "Don't worry, Fishleggs is taking care of two girls." the girl said, who apparently was called Astrid. I tried to lift myself up. A little bit ahead were my sisters, sitting on a rock, next to a huge guy. They were drinking something. I fell. "Hiccup! We are losing him again!" "They are safe... I am safe... Were safe. Finally" i muttered, and fainted again.

We travel back in time, almost 4 and a half weeks, when everything was normal.

"Who wants some salmon?" "Dad!!! You're home!" I yelled. "Yes I am son. But I almost got killed by those beasts, it's like they grow stronger every time we fight them! We lost a person out there.." he said with a voice, unformilliare, and trying to sound confident. I didn't know what to say. I took the salmon, and put it on the counter. I took a knife and started to prepare the fish. My father saw the scared look on my face, and said:" Don't worry son, we will grow stronger too". What would I give to know what he was really thinking now, since the look on his face said more then his words alone. "Now where are your sisters?" he asked, trying to sound happy. "I have no idea, they have been gone for 2 hours now. I think they are just playing around somewhere." I was done preparing the fish and started to split it in four." I put the fishbone in my pocket, so I could throw it away. "Your sisters should be home by now..." my father said." Ok, I will look for them.." I said. I opened the door and walked outside. I walked all over the village, but I couldn't find them. My last hope was the beach. We always used to play there. I took the path to the beach, and I heard the waves. I saw the sea. The beautifull, blue-emerald green sea. How many times have i sat here, just looking at it's beauty. I walked on the sand, and followed some tracks. And yes, those leaded to my sisters. There they were. But something was different... They didn't seem happy to see me, not happy at all... Also, they ran... I listened carefully. They... They screamed! I ran toward them, and saw why. There were 3 Terrible Terrors following them. I took my sword and ran even faster. They saw me and ran towards me. They came closer and closer, but so were the Terrors. I started to make some noise, so they would pick me as a target, but it didn't work. The fishbone! I took it out, and threw it to the terrors. It worked! They ran after it, and stopped following my sisters. We ran toward the path to the village, while i kept an eye on the terrors, who began to fight over the fish. We got away safely. The three of us walked to our house and got in. I still had my sword in my hand, since I thought the Terrors would follow. The downside was that my father thought that I was trying to propel them, and screamed:" Have you lost your mind!!!" "No, no no!" my sisters yelled, and we explained the whole thing. My father's face turned form angry to worried, and he hugged my sisters. "You guys are never going there again on your own!" He said. Now that is just great!... I thought. Now I can be a babysitter... Even now my sisters are both 10, they are twins, they should be able to look after themselves, right? But my father never regrets something, and this is no exception...

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