It's not happening

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I stayed in Derek's arms with both of us crying. Alpha Troy just bit me. Marking me as his. I'm gonna be filled hate and darkness. I'm not gonna be able to have any emotions. He took that from me. I didn't realize that the whole pack was watching with sad looks. I looked over at alpha Troy and all he did was smirk at me. He knew this would happen. He knew Derek would be late to save me. I quickly got up and away from Derek and stormed towards Troy. He did nothing but stare. I grabbed him and punched him straight in the face knocking him out. Wow I guess I'm strong. I was tired and everyone stared at me scared.

"Allison.. Your eyes... They are black..." Derek slowly walked towards me afraid I will hurt him.

"Derek don't be scared please. I'm not gonna hurt you."

He stared at me shocked. I didn't understand why though. Did he want me to hurt him?

"Your not suppose to feel emotion. Come here."

I did as told and when Derek touch my hand I still felt the same sparks I do when we touch. This is strange now.

"How do we still have the bond?"

Derek called out someone within the crowd. After a minute a old woman came out. She had brown hair but white at the top and she had these sterling silver eyes. She came walking towards us but had her eyes focus on me.

"Derek you ask for my assistance. What can I do?"

"Margret come on you already know."

"Of course. May I take a look?"

Derek stepped me foward towards her. I had a weird feeling going near her knowing she could be dangerous. I've heard of Margret and what she is able to do. Its been said that she has great magic in the whole world and she cant be ruled over.

She grabbed my head and tipped it over to get a look at the nasty mark left behind. She kept looking at the mark then straight into my eyes. I don't know what was happening but I had a bad feeling about this.

"Derek this is-"

All of a sudden I feel this burning pain come from my neck. I looked at who did this and see Margret with bloodly nails. She smiled at me showing me pearly white teeth. This angers me so much that I clench my hands up ready to kill her.

"Derek grab her!!!"

Margret screamed at the same time I pounced on her. I was a little late though to have my hands around her to hurt her cause arms wrap themselves around my waist. I kept struggling to break free and kill her. After a minute or so of more struggle I gave up. All the energy in me drained. I fell limp in Derek's arms trying to breath and figure out what just happen.

I look over at Margret and see her thinking to herself. I didn't understand what that was suppose to do.

"Margret what the fucken hell was that?!? Did you wanted to die?!?!"

"Derek she isn't going all dark..... She still has her wolf within her. Alpha Troy didn't bite her fully. It was a scrape before he got deep enough."

"But what about her eyes and behavior. That's not like her."

"She is half wolf hunter and demon. She is good and bad."

I stood there shocked. She did not just say demon!!! I am not that. I can't be I'm not evil. I still couldn't do or say anything since I'm still weak.

"That's impossible. How can it be demon? Wouldn't it be of something else instead."

"Where is alpha Troy? I need to see him."

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