Let Down Your Hair

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Doomed to a life of confinement. My punishment for even existing. Some may think this silly, others may agree. Say, and believe what you must but I loathe it. I long to feel the grass under my feet. To feel the slimy insects crawl on my skin if I lay still enough in Earth's green blanket. But sadly, I cannot.

"Why such a silly crime? You have done nothing! Existing was out of your control!"  You may be asking this silly question, but not even I know the answer.

So I sit. I sit atop a tower no man nor woman dare climb. Even I fear the immense size of the thing I hate most. Taller than the heavens themselves.

This is my prison.


I turn away from the window sill, my forehead crinkling in concentration. Night was falling around me and I needed to light candles, for tonight would be a new moon. Everything would be dark. The stars twinkle from outside the lone window in my confinement. I long to be with them. No worries. To be beautiful. Eternal. No worries of the petty humans or their foolishness. Knowing my wishes are useless, I return my gaze to the stone floor beneath me. This is where I will forever be.

The flames of the candles flicker eerily against the creme of my walls. I stare at the scene, finding it familiar and haunting. My captor will not visit me tonight. Night has fallen and she is probably in a tavern, dunk beyond the point of properness. A stab of loneliness flashes through my chest. 

"A silly punishment. How I loathe being up here." I think with bitterness. Boredom has found me and I take out the silver brush my captor left me. I begin brushing my hair. All seventy-two feet of it. "How absurd!" You may think. I also find this to be foolish, but I must keep it this long. How else will my captor visit me? One night she found me hacking the the end of it with scissors . After being backhanded twice, I decided against ever cutting it. Pain was not something I looked forward to.

The sun is breaking over the horizon when I finish. My eyes droop from exhaustion and I collapse wearily on the ground. My legs are weak and my stomach snarls angrily but I am to tired to eat. Instead of gazing at the stars last night, I should have been brushing my hair. A punishment I suffer from now. Song birds chirp from outside the walls and their songs help me slip into an odd state of sleep.

I awaken to the sound of my name being called. "Rapunzel, Rapunzel! Let down your hair!" The voice is ugly. It sounds like the bellowing of a dragon. I cringe and sit up, walking to the single window. Throwing my hair over the edge, I cringe thinking of how dirty my captors hands must be. At last she arrives at top and I turn away from her, not in the mood for conversation.

"How are you today, my dear?" I think she meant for her tone to be polite. With her voice, I could not tell. 

"Every day you ask that silly question and every day I give you the same answer. Shall I repeat it for you?" I snap, crossing my arms over my well-developed chest. The woman sighs behind me.

"I loathe it here! It is quiet and I dislike feeling alone. At least get me an animal friend!" I wail like a child. Turning around, I glare at my captor. She is ugly. A beak like nose. Pale skin. Her eyes look like they are shrinking into her head. If she were to take off her hood, she would have black hair. Ugly and curly.

The shrunken eyes stare back at me. This woman ought to have a lot of patience to deal with me. "But why silly girl? Why should I reward you when you have done nothing?" Her voice sends chills down my spine. I wrinkled my eyebrows in disbelief.

"Done nothing!? I live in a TOWER! Alone. By myself! I cook. I clean. How can you say that!? You will never feel the amount of loneliness I experience! For a reason I cannot imagine, I am stuck here! I hate it! I absolutely HATE.IT!" I am screaming at the end and the woman is smiling. An eerie smile. One that would make me cringe in other circumstances.

"I am finished here. I will be coming back tomorrow. Hopefully you will not be so whiny. You sound like a child. Grow up Rapunzel. You will never leave this tower. You will grow old here and you will die here. The outside world is far to dangerous for someone as delicate as you. When I come back I expect you to act like a proper young woman. Let down you hair so I can leave."

Her words are ones I expected. With reluctance I throw my hair out the window and watch as she descends toward the soft Earth I long to feel.

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