Ch. 11: Hogwarts Express

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"There was a man!" Harry spoke up to the man named Crouch and pointed to the left us. "Over there, I watched him conjure it."

Crouch looked over Harry's shoulder and waved his team of wizards over. "All of you! This way!" And they were off. I managed to find my voice. It came out in a whisper, hoarse and scared and tired. This wasn't what I had signed up for.

"What man, Harry?" I frowned, not seeing anyone as I looked around us once again. He wasn't just going to magically appear with a snarky wave, so I felt a little stupid for looking around. 

Harry frowned as well, turning towards some mysterious location, pointing with a sigh. "He was just over there, muttering to himself."

Ron shook his head. "It doesn't matter, mate. You guys are alive that is all that matters." He grinned.

      Hermione and I climbed out of the car, grabbing our trunks and Ami's cage. We weren't in a big rush for the train because we were early. Another trait that Hermione had that I don't. Insufferably on-time for everything, which was a trait that I most definitely could do with, but felt much more comfortable without.

      Crookshanks, her very large and very orange cat, hopped out of the car behind us. The thing didn't like to ride in his cage so we just let him sit between us. Though I'd had my doubts about a cat riding along in the car with us, he did surprisingly well. Didn't puke on my shoes, so that was an added 'I like you, maybe' point for him.

"Thanks for driving us you guys." I smiled at my parents and gave them both a hug. It was still a little weird to refer to them as my new parents, but it felt right in the end.

Jane chuckled and I looked up at her to see that she was crying. "Oh, you don't have to thank us. You're our daughter after all. Don't mind my tears, I'm just s-so happy that you are home. We honestly didn't think this day would ever come." She hugged me one more time before letting me go onto the platform.

Dan waved to the both of us and called out, one last time. "I love you both. Hermione, be sure to watch out for your sister, will ya?"

I chuckled and called to them. "Don't worry! It will be me that'll be watching out for her!" Hermione rolled her eyes and we continued down the platform, her pushing the trolly of our belongings. She stopped and picked Crookshanks up from the ground as a guard angrily eyed him. 

"Let's put you away for a bit," she told him as he pouted. The cat's face was already smushed down, like he'd been rammed in the face with a door, but when he was angry, it somehow got worse. I snickered as Crookshanks' beady little eyes glinted at me, as if hearing my thoughts.

"Okay, where do we need to be?" I looked down at our tickets, mindlessly following my sister through the throngs of people at the train station today. "Platform 9 and 3/4?" I frowned and blinked, thinking that it was maybe something caught in my eye that had made me read it wrong. 

Nope. 9 and 3/4's it was.

Hermione laughed sweetly, like I was a child on Christmas. "That's right. 9 and 3/4 right this way." She turned the trolly, skidding around a couple people, before leading me right to a brick pillar.

"You aren't serious . . ." I slowly walked up to the brick pillar and gingerly placed a hand on it, brow furrowed. To my surprise, my hand went straight through. "Oooo." I grinned and pulled my hand out. "Trippy."

Leaning on the trolly, Hermione eyed me, smiling all the while. "Well, are you going to go through or not?"

Nodding at her with a wink, I gathered up my courage and grabbed my trolly. Strolling through the gateway with ease, while a small bubble of doubt rose in my chest. As I walked, everything became dark, but only for a couple seconds. Soon enough, light burst through the darkness and I was standing on an old-fashioned train platform. Crowds of people were already here and most were wearing school uniforms already.

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