I was still sitting in the same spot that whoever Niall Horan was left me in. My mouth was wide open since my jaw fell minutes ago.

I still couldn't put the pieces together.

What the hell just happened?

"Jess, shut your mouth or you'll catch flies."

I blinked back into reality and shut my mouth before I turned my head to see Cole and his flamboyant self walking over.

"Aww, you already got food without me! What is this, Jess!" He fake cried.

I tried to stutter out words but it wasn't working.

"Whoa, you look as if you've seen a ghost. Wait, they don't scare you... Hmmm, you look as if you saw Sage naked. Oi! That's a horrid thought!"

I reached over and punched him dead center in the arm before shaking my head.

"No, I just... I'm confused."

Cole sat down in his spot and opened his mouth to say something but stopped. His gaze fell to the empty food tray in his spot and this time it was his jaw that fell.

"Wait a damned second. Did you eat with somebody else?"

My eyes got big. "Uh...yeah. That's why I'm all confused."

"Well A. I've never felt more betrayed. I thought we were food buddies. B. I'm surprised you even managed to speak nicely to someone other than me or Tito. And C. Who was it and why are you confused? Wait! Was it a girl and now you have feelings? Awww, Jess! Are you confused about your sexuality?"

I banged my hands, which were in tight fists, down on the table.

"No, Cole!" I shouted.

He leaned back and put his hands up defensively. He was actually quite used to this. "Whoa, relax. I was just asking before you went all King Kong on me. Or would it be Queen Kong?"

I practically growled, "Cole, will you shut your trap for one moment and listen!"

He rolled his eyes, "Fine, diva."

I groaned and slumped back into my chair.

"So would you like to know what happened?"

He nodded.

"Alright. Well, I came down from being kicked out of my session with Sage. I'll tell you about that in a moment. And I decided to get food but when I walked in I noticed some random guy standing and talking to Tito in Spanish."

"Wait, random guy as in we didn't know him?" Cole asked.

I nodded.

"Okay, continue."

I rolled my eyes this time. As if I needed to be told.

"Anyways, I walked up and asked Tito for some food and this guy was staring at me so I talked to him. We ended up cracking jokes and talking until Tito came back without food."

"Making a move I see, Jess. Continue."

I had the urge to roll my eyes again, but didn't.

"Well, he walked off and told me to follow him and he ended up sitting down where you're at. I sat down too and we ate and talked a bit."

"Did he introduce himself? Because if not that's really a douche bag thing to do."

I chuckled, "Yeah he did. But that's what confused me. We were talking when some curly haired fellow came running over telling him he was needed upstairs with the kids. Something about having to sing for them."

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