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Torren POV'

Nakaub-ob ako sa mga palad ko habang nakaupo ng may mg mabilis na yabag akong narinig papalapit sa'kin.

"L-Louie!! .." She's Louie's mother
"Where is Louie!!??" Tita Trinity ask with her worried face

"What happened to her Torren?" tanong ni Tito Jd at bakas sa mukha niya ang disappointment

"She's inside the E.R. now Tita, she was hit on her back.." wala akong mukhang maiharap sa kanila kaya napayuko akong muli

Nabigla na lang ako ng pumasok si Tita Trinity sa loob ng E.R.

"Mam.. I'm sorry pero hindi po kayong pwede pumasok dito" tutol ng nurse when Tita Trinity try to enter

"I'm her mother and I am a doctor so please let me see my daughter." Tita said and continue walking inside

"I'm sorry sir for not being at her side" I am so ashamed at myself right now

"Don't be sorry.. it was not your fault, Louie is a strong girl.." I got shocked when he tapped me on my shoulder "..and I expect you to be strong always for her.." napatingin ako sa mukha niya and his face lit me up.

"I heard some story about the two of you young boy" naginit ang mukha ko ng sambitin niya ang huling mga salitang binigkas ni Tito

Jin! You'll have to pay for this.

"A-Ah I will.. I-I assure you s-sir" sagot kong nauutal

This is some of those shitty. I didn't see this coming. Badtrip. I suppose to be cool. Not like this!!

"Look young boy.." Hindi ko alam kung bakit pero biglang naging malungkot ang mukha niya ".. My daughter already experienced so much pain and I don't want her to get hurt again.." he added while looking intently to my eyes

"I understand sir" sagot kong tumatango

"So please be strong for her.. I'm sure she'll get through this.. she's a strong girl.."

Yeah, I guess that's what made me like this to her.

She's a strong stupid girl that always put herself into shitty things.

"Hard-headed stubborn girl." Wala sa sarili kong saad habang napapangiti

"So I really need you to be strong for her young boy" Tito Jd said looking intently in ny eyes

"I will sir, I will do everything at any cost" I said confidently

"Her past still haunting her and she can't just forget that easily" hindi ko alam kung anong pakiramdam ito pero I really don't like the feeling.

Darn it!!

"The guy named Liam?" Tanong ko

"So you know about him.." Tito asked but not sure if he was really asking

"He has been the reason why I always see Louie crying, hurting. Because of that bastard."

Nagkuyom ang mga kamay ko. Maisip ko palang na siya ang dahilan why she's in pain, I wanna crash his face this instance.

"You sound like a jelous guy young boy, aren't you?" nag init ang mukha sa tanong ni Tito Dave

Men! I didn't see it coming.
"NO! N-No sir! I-I w-was just c-curious! Y-Yes r-right.. that's right I'm just curious sir." Bwisit. Nauutal ako.