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Thank you amazing people for all the questions I got. Some were in the comments, but I got private messaged as well. (I don't want you to think that I made the questions up) I'm not going to say whose the questions were because I got asked not to do so!


Let's get to the basics.

My name is Ana and 14 and a half. I live in Croatia and I'm starting high school this autumn. I have brown curly hair, which I straightened a lot, and hazel eyes. (I included a selfie. I know I'm not particularly pretty, but I try.) I wear glasses because I have terrible vision. I'm kind of an introvert because I rarely go out and I love being alone.

#1 What got you into the Avengers fandom?

It was actually my big brother. He came home from work and we watched The Avengers together and I got really interested because it was the first Marvel movie I saw. I started researching the characters and watched the movies.

#2 Which imagine have you found the most difficult to write so far?

They're all kinda complicated to write, but the most difficult was the imagine where the reader has cancer.

#3 Who's you favourite Marvel character?

Grant Ward. I just want to cuddle him and kiss him and knock some sense into him and make him be good.

#4 Who do you ship?

Umm... everybody. I ship Destiel, Clintasha, Stucky, Stony... I even ship myself with fictional characters.

#5 Do you ship Steve x Tony or Thorki?

Steve x Tony. No explanation needed.

#6 Out of the Avengers, who's your favourite?

I'm torn between Thor and Tony, although I can only see Tony as a father or a big brother. So it's a tie on that one.

#7 If you could bring any fictional character into our world, who would it be?

Thor. He's such a cutie it's hard to stay calm.

#8 Do you have a crush on a non fictional person?

Kinda. He's in my class and he's cute, but I don't see him in a "I could date you" way. I just like looking at him *cough* and his butt *cough* and so does NicoleBrown541 .

#9 Can you post a selfie?

I did. Don't judge me. I know I don't look that pretty, but hey, I'm used to embarrassing myself. (Please excuse the weird filter)

#10 Do you have a favourite quote by anybody?

"Never forget what you are. The rest of the world will not. Wear it like armour, and it can never be used to hurt you." - Tyrion Lannister, Game of Thrones

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