Chapter One

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"You and I both know that the only way for you to get out of this is to tell the true story from the very beginning"

You stare at the investigator calmly, yet your heart rate is very high.

"You would say that I'm crazy and send me to an asylum if I told you the truth" you explain, not removing your eyes away from the man.

"After what how your cult of magicians did to the world, I think I'm ready to hear your story"

Your eyes turn sad, remembering the destruction that happened.

"If I tell you everything, do you promise me that I would be able to see my daughter, my father, and my brother again?"

Adel leans forward in his chair, his eyes narrowing slightly at you.

"You are a victim, aren't you? A victim of kidnapping, your daughter, you give her your last name, why?"

You look down at your hands, trying to prepare yourself to spill out everything.

"I don't know if I should consider myself a victim, you will have to judge after what I'm going to tell you" 

Adel nods at the one-way see-through glass mirror, as a sign for the other investigators to start recording your confessions.

"When I was nineteen, I met my first online stalker..."



You say with disgust as the man on Omegle tried to show you his dick, but you didn't allow him to do so.

As you skipped.

This is the fifth perverted person you meet on this website.

Not only that, but people also insulted you for no reason.

You honestly don't know why you are using this website to know new people.

It was for fun, but now you just feel annoyed at people's childish behaviour.

You were about to close the website, however your next stranger.

He has dark brown hair, and olive green eyes, and his skin is so pale, while he has a septum nose piercing.

But he is pretty, you are not going to lie.

Yet, you notice that he is wearing a pentagram necklace, and he is also vaping.

A clear red flag, but you decided not to judge him very quickly.

"Hi" he greets you with a smile.

"Hello?" You greet him back awkwardly.

"My name is Andrea, what's your name?" he asks, letting smoke escape his pink heart-shaped lips.

"I'm (fake name)"

Of course, there's no way you are going to give a stranger your real name.

"I'm from the USA, what about you?"

"I'm from Canada" you lie once again.

"Where from Canada?"


Andrea raises an eyebrow at you, before chuckling at you.

"What is so funny?" You demand.

"Nothing, except for the fact that you are bad at lying" you gulp.

"I'm not lying-" he cuts you off.

"You are (Y/n)(L/n), you are a nineteen-year-old girl from Egypt who can speak a perfect ancient Egyptian language"

Your heart drops at his words while trying to shut the website.

But it isn't shutting down, you also try doing the same thing with the laptop, but you are left with the same result.

Andrea grins at your panicked state, enjoying your mental suffering.

"Oh honey, don't even try, I'm an experienced hacker..."

He inhales nicotine before letting it out of his mouth and nose.

"...And I'm also good at using dark magic"

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