Caught Reading Something Spicy (SFW)

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You were reading something steamy as you were lying in bed, waiting for your husband to finish his work so that he can join you in bed to sleep.

Your eyes started fluttering as you were getting drowsy.

You eventually fell asleep, phone still in hand.

Your husband entered the bedroom after a while and smiled at your sleeping form.

He walked towards you, laid down, trying not to wake you up.

He propped an elbow up to see you since you were facing away from him.

He took your gently glasses off, placing it on the nightstand. He then took your phone, glancing at the words written on it as it still wasn't turned off.

He read some very.. wow words, chuckling quietly at what you read, and then placing the phone on the nightstand next to your glasses.

He laid back down and turned you around gently so that you were buried into his chest.

He then wrapped his big arms around you, played with your hair and chuckled again.

"You really like it rough huh? Guess I have to do better then." He whispered, very much aware about you being awake amd having a very red face.

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