Dark Kiss

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CHAPTER 1: To Begin Our Story...

“I’m going out!”, My sister yelled up the stairs. I grimaced as I heard the faint call from my mother saying that “going out” was okay. I knew what she was going out to do, even if my mother was too ignorant to see what was happening to her own daughter. She was going out to smoke Meth with her no-good friends and her overly sexual boyfriends. Callie used to be the goodie-two-shoes of the family, I was the one who was always getting in trouble and getting compared to her. Everyone still thought that she was the good one but they hadn’t seen her in about 3 months. If they saw her, they would know about the drugs and they would say something about it. That’s what I hoped anyway. Every night she would “go out”, smoke, and then come home - most of the time high and in the early hours of the morning - and want to talk to me about a new boyfriend she had gotten that night, or a new type of Meth she wanted to try. Sometimes she would try to convince me to try it with her.

“Maybe.” Was what I always said, although I knew that I never would. Even if my life depended on it. Just seeing what it did to her was enough for me, I didn’t need to see myself turn into the monstrous-looking thing that she was becoming. With her skin bleeding and cracked, the blisters popping up all over her face made it look like the skin was boiling. Her teeth, which had been perfect before, were now mustard yellow and sprouting holes everywhere. She always smelled of drugs and never cared about her hygiene. She never showered, never did her hair, never brushed her teeth, nothing. She just got up in the morning, threw clothes on, trudged downstairs, and walked out the door. Never speaking a word to us, never even looking at us. It was as if she was alone in her world, with no one and nothing but Meth and her low-life friends that she only got to see at night. It was as though I was a single child again. My sister was slowly fading out of my life and there was nothing I could do about it. Her atmosphere had changed lately, she had become jumpy, more agitated than usual. As if she was planning to do something that she knew was wrong. I knew something was up but I never got the chance to ask her about it, I didn't know how to ask her either. Whenever I said anything to her she would jump almost a foot into the air and answer in the shortest way she could. Then she would go back to whatever she had been doing as if  nothing had happened. It was quite confusing.

      One day, during 5th period science, I over heard a couple of Callie's friends talking in quiet whispers. I tuned into them and stopped listening to the teacher who was yapping about the different types of cells and their components.

      "I heard Callie was going to kill someone to get into the rich group so she can get the highest grade Meth." The small blond one whispered to the tall skinny brown-haired one. Miss. Brown hair nodded her head urgently and opened her mouth to respond but thought better of it and had to think about what she was going to say before saying it. After a few minutes, she finally thought of what to say, she was frowning as though it was confusing.

      "I heard that too, although I also heard that to get in, you have to kill someone important, like a famous lawyer or something. Do you think she can do it?"

      "Yeah I think she can do it! She'll do anything to got good Meth."

      " That's true."  They saw me looking at them with surprise and they shut up and didn't talk for the rest of the period. When I got back home that day, I had figured out what to say to her. I had a plan and I wasn't going to chicken out this time. I set my stuff down at the table and watched the door for when she came home. When she did, I would ask her about the "rich group" and ask her what she had to do to get in. If she didn't tell me right away, I would make her tell me. I didn't care what it took, I would get it out of her. I waited.

      And waited.

      And waited.

      And waited.

      But she never came. I would fall asleep only to jerk awake  a few minutes later. Finally I just gave up and went up to bed. The next morning, when I woke up, and when I saw the newspaper, I knew she had done it. For the headline said:

                                                                Senator Lumlirg Murdered.

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