Chapter Two

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 But to whom it may consern here is the second chapter. hope you like.(:




I woke up, and I knew it wasn't a dream, because I could feel. I could feel the cold, sore and lonely depression settle around me. I didn't know where I was. I saw trees, or I guess a forest, and a rising sun. Pale pastels painted around it like an expensive drawing. I

remembered my dream. Why wasn't I at home in bed? I was so confused. I pushed myself up off the ground and rested on my forearm. I didn't even want to think what my long black hair looked like. What was a wearing? Silk? Yes, a yellow silk robe.

A rustle, then a crack. A shadow. I kept my face down, afraid of what I would look up to see. But I couldn't hide forever. I slowly looked up to see a girl. She was so pretty with silvery blonde hair and her eyes were.... Violet?  Yes, violet eyes staring down at me. And she was wearing a robe like mine, but hers was violet. Like her eyes.

"Charlotte?" the girl gasped.

Without thinking, I blurted, "How do you know my name?"

Who was this girl and what did she want from me? Where was I? Why was I here? What did my dream mean? Was this girl part of my dream? So many questions and no one to answer them. I needed answers.

"I can't believe you're here." she murmured. "I saw you come but, I didn't think it would actually happen."

She started to pace, and I followed her with my eyes in awe. She moved with such grace and poise it was unbelievable.

She walked back to me and reached for my arm and pulled me to my feet. She was as tall as me and shockingly beautiful. Reminding me of the boy in my dream. Lawrence, I thought.

"You must be so confused."

"Who are you?" That was my genius response.

She had my arm and was guiding me towards a destination unknown to me.

"I'm Angel. And you're here because you were chosen. Chosen to be one of us. You dreamt of him last night. That’s how it works. One of us will see you coming and we will go to you. That’s why I'm here."

"Chosen?" was all I could manage.

"To be one of his, to be Lawrence's. There are six of us. Katherine, Annie, Chelsea, Piper, Melanie and I. And now you. So seven, now. Every ten years we see someone new coming." Angel explained.

Oh my goodness. Lawrence. "Lawrence was the boy in my dream," it wasn't a question, but Angel answered anyway.

"Yes, dreams. That’s how most things happen here. We dream it, we believe it. I can tell you that story later.

"I was his first. He found me. Once you become one of us, you don't leave. And you don't die, because you don't age. I know this is a lot to take in, speaking from experience, but you get used to it. Because you love Lawrence. And he will love you."

"This is—"

"Crazy, I know," she finished for me with a sigh.

This forest seemed to go on forever. With greenery and braches everywhere I struggled not to trip. But soon enough we were walking along a stretch of road with a red punch buggy some way ahead of us.

"Cute, isn't it?" She gestured to the red car in front of me.

"Where are you going to take me?"

"To the others. They need to meet you. Then we will take you to Lawrence. Now get in. We have a twenty minute ride."

"Oh, um, okay." I replied.

Why was I just letting her tell me what to do? Why was I just following her? She could be a cereal killer for all I knew. But I had one of those feelings, like I had in my dream. I could trust Angel. And something about Lawrence.... I don't know how to explain it. I took comfort in knowing I was going to him.

She started driving and kept her eyes on the road, not looking at me.

"Well, I guess now would be the time to tell you about the others." she began "Okay, well you already know about me. I don't want to sound vain but, I guess you could see me as the 'mother' of the group." She put little air quotes around the word mother. "Katherine was the second, but she is a bit more... rebellious than the rest of us. She likes to sneak away at night and not come back for a few days." She sighed. "But we wouldn't be the same without her. Even if we have to hunt her down every now and then. Chelsea is our watcher. She sees visions of any on coming threats to us, or our location. But we all hold the ability to foresee another follower coming. Piper is quite. She keeps to herself and the only person she lets in is, you guessed it, Lawrence. Our healer is Melanie. When anyone, especially Lawrence, is sick or injured Melanie will be there to heal them. Annie is... How do I put this, the, um, slut? Yeah, the slut of us. I hate to sound rude like that," she shot me a nervous look. "But it's true. Shes nice, we all are, but we all give something special to Lawrence. The one thing we all have in common is that we love Lawrence. We were chosen to be one of his followers. And we always will be." She was smiling at the road.

So, Katherine, rebellious. Angel, leader. Annie, slut. (hehes) Chelsea, watcher chick. Piper, quite one. Melanie, healer.

"What am I?" The words came out without my say-so.

"No one knows yet." She said simply. "We have about 7 minutes left of driving. You'll be surprised when you see where we live, but you'll know you belong there. You'll feel it."

She left me the rest of the trip to think. And think, I did. I thought about Lawrence and Angel. And how I didn't remember anything of before Angel found me. I wanted to sleep and I think also food. But the only thing I was sure of was that I wanted to be home. Wherever Angel was taking me. To Lawrence, and my new sisters.

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