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after last night i was finally relized the meaning off what i felt i was in love i ran out of the bed and into the bathroom i sooned looked myself in the face in the mirrior i saw him i felt my face his touch soon faded into my mind i went down to my lips soft as can be remembered his against mine i then replayed last night threw my head couldnt help but to smile the dark things he has done has turned a 360 in my life he was mine i wasnt going to let him slip out my hands for the first time in a long time i havent gone to bed crying i just went to bed smiling at him i loved him for sure nothing could compare to this feeling i felt i soon heard a noise behind me it was a huge sigh i looked at him as he looked at me he showed me hand and said follow me we went out to the backyard  only thing i saw was a pool i asked him what was this about he whisperd into my ears this is what i want for us to have a backyard with a pool and big house and a family for us i told him only if we loved each other which i knew we did

prince pov

i knew jaeci was the right one the way i saw her look at herself in the mirrior i knew right then and there she was happy she had zero worries i was her's she was mine just perfect together now just to get roc ray and prod to sit down and leave her alone i dont want to hurt them but if they dont stop im NOT going to have a choice but to hurt them but i need to get back to my girl i looked into her eyes and saw that she was thinking of something i asked her wat she was thinking about she told me my future and what the passed reflects no more of it its all over time is done u changed every little thing of me i cant go 1 second without thinking of you i need you jacob

when she said my real name i knew it was right she was serious shes mine

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