Chapter 13 - The Eyes of Deception

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Everything went perfectly fine at the beginning. Drift and Cyclonus started off with just simple talk, and everything was calm. But it quickly went downhill when Drift pointed one of his swords directly between the purple Decepticon's optics, and Cyclonus ended up tackling him.

Goldgears was ready to contact someone for help, as she saw Drift definitely wasn't winning, but Ultra Magnus held Cyclonus back, and Rodimus got between the two. There was a long chat, but the only audible words Gears could make out were, "I liked Red Alert for his flaws. But if I wanted to kill him, he would be dead."

Gears walked away from the window. It was certainly none of her business. (But when did she ever stay out of anyone's business?) She wasn't going to tell Swerve about Red Alert though. She knew someone who was better with words, such as Ultra Magnus, would do that for her. It seemed like a much better plan.

She continued down the hallway, suddenly hearing a crackling noise. When she looked to the right, she witnessed First Aid doing all he could do to fix a small drone. The gold femme knocked, walking in when First Aid gave her a nod.

"My condolences on Red Alert. I know he was an important member of the crew," Gears said. She didn't personally know the Autobot, but she did know that he was the Director of Security; a paranoid one at that.

Just behind First Aid was another medic, who was fixing Red Alert's head back on. It made Gears sick to her stomach to see a dead body, and she silently questioned how someone could possibly touch one. But, then again, they were medics, and they'd probably seen much worse.

"I didn't know him for very long," First Aid admitted, looking at her. "I came here from Delphi. Don't know lots of people on here; only a selected few." He released a deep sigh. "First Rung, then Fort Max, now this. And, to add one more to the list, just several hours ago, I finally got a once-injured-Whirl back onto his feet. Never seen this many injured since the Big Bang. Thankfully no one's died!"

"Yet," the medic behind him said, removing his hands from a lifeless Red Alert's head.

"Don't be like that, Ambulon," First Aid said. "Be more positive! More lives were saved. And that's what matters."

"The Big Bang?" Gears asked. "I'd heard someone say that before. I don't know what it is. That's a shocking gesture, really."

"What?" Ambulon answered. "The Big Bang?"

"No." Gears shook her head. "Me not know what it is."

"Uhh . . . " First Aid said, looking at the femme to the side of him.

"Goldgears," she replied. "But I was stranded with the name 'Gears'."

"Gears, then. Could you give me a hand with this?" The small medic was having trouble operating on the drone's paneling, for he had to hold open the lid and attach wires together at the same time.

Gears walked over and held it open for him. He dug in with two hands, repairing fried circuits with easy.

"When we were on Delphi, there was this . . . noise. It was so loud, anyone in Delphi could've heard it. Well, scratch that. Anyone on the planet of Messatine could've heard it. So, we just named it 'The Big Bang'. Fitting, right? Anyway, after it went off, people just started . . . dying. I think 'liquefy' would be a good word to describe it. Red Rust. They rusted then liquefied. It wasn't a pretty sight. Trust me. And then we . . . We found out . . . "

"I think that's enough, First Aid," Ambulon interrupted. "You don't have to tell her if you don't want to."

"But I wish to know more." Gears pushed. "What happened? Did you have to be rescued? Did you kill someone? So many questions I need to be answered! Just please - "

"No," Ambulon said, this time with a much more stiff voice. It sounded rather demanding. "It was already a hard enough time."

"Long sob story short, we lost one life, and realized the D.J.D. set it off," First Aid said. It sounded as though he forced the words out; like someone was stuck in his throat and he choked. He had his hand over his face, as though he was trying to hide nervous, fearful sweat or bitter tears.

"Now then. Red Alert." Gears said as she looked at the the Autobot superseded on wires, wishing to move away from the sensitive conversation that was unfurling. He looked as though he was a puppet. "I - "

"Shhh, shhh, shhh," First Aid hushed quickly. A finger went to a small button on his head and he began speaking. Gears could faintly hear Rodimus's voice come in. "Rodimus? It's not Cyclonus. I know how did this. Just . . . could you come here, please?"


In little to no time, Rodimus Prime, Drift, and Ultra Magnus were in the medbay, standing near First Aid. gears decided to back up a bit, but made sure to stay close enough to here the conversation.

"He did this himself?" Rodimus came off as surprised. "No! He couldn't have!"

"It's called Soft Termination," First Aid said. "It's quite the simple process. People of Red Alert's body form and several others can easily detach their head from their body, while the spark and processor is still working. He just let himself fall into the oil; little something to probably cover up his own tracks."

"How could someone of my crew possibly want to - "

"It's not your fault, Rodimus Prime, sir," Gears interrupted, trying to calm the mech down. "Sometimes people do this to themselves because they were in big trouble, or just tired of living, or in danger, or saw something they shouldn't have. Just so many 'ors', am I right?"

"What could they have possibly seen?" Rodimus questioned, a bit calmer than before.

"I . . . don't know, admittedly," Gears said. "Why was Red Alert always going to 'see' Rung? I suppose some questions just aren't meant to be answered."

Gears could've swore she saw Drift's optics widen, but she pushed that illusion away. There was nothing on the Lost Light that would petrify you with fear if you saw it. Nothing worth dying over, nothing worth getting out of. Nothing lurking in the depths.


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