Chapter Nineteen

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Paisley's Point of View

"Stephan, it's been five days just speak to Toby." I said as I sat across from him in one of the many booth's located in Florita's diner. The sunlight shone down upon us through the large window that neighbored us, causing my skin to warm up as the sunbeams kissed it so gently.

"Blueberry, baby, sunshine....That's not going to happen." He smiled artificially and then bit into his beef burger. The brown barbecue sauce then spread all over the left corner of his mouth as he chewed so vulgarly.

I then lifted myself and reached over, across the table in order to clean his mess with my index finger. I placed my finger into my mouth and then licked it clean, tasting the barbecue flavor that had laid upon his marshmallow pink lips.

"Tease." He smiled after watching me and then he took a sip of his coke in order to wash down the burger bits in his mouth.

I grinned as I brushed my hair behind my ear, watching his blue eyes stare back at me.

"Stephan, I'm serious. Talk to him. He's been your best friend for-" I said but instead of allowing me to continue my sentence, he had chopped me off with his words.

"He's also been a dick, if the kid wants to make things right, he should apologize to me. It's been almost a week." He paused and then narrowed his eyes. "What? doesn't he have the balls to be a man and do it face to face."

"Can't you be the bigger person and just approach him." I said as he chomped down his fries.

"Why? Blueberry I did nothing wrong why should I go looking for an apology? Not fucking happening. No." He cocked his head back and then took another sip of his drink.

"But-" I tried convincing him.

"Blueberry...Toby stared into my eyes and then licked his lips after kissing you, his hands trailed all over your body and then he adds fuel to the fire by wanting to drive you home...are you fucking kidding, I don't want to hear anymore of this. Toby is a dick and this conversation is over. Just drop it please." He said chewing the last of his burger and in that moment I had realized how alike Stephan was to Orin. When they believed in something they believed in it strongly while being completely deaf to thoughts that didn't belong to them.

"Okay Stephan, I'll drop it." I accepted defeat. Stephan then smiled widely with bits of burger in his teeth causing me to smile small at his attempt at being cute.

"Hey, do you guys need anything?" Asked a waitress as she stood in front of our table pulling us from our conversation. Stephan and I both then tilted our heads up to face her.

"Oh my god, Stephan Duke." She squealed and then her cheeks turned ruby red.

"In the flesh." He said while cleaning his teeth with his tongue, he raised an eyebrow and then topped it off with a cheeky smirk while reaching over for a toothpick.

"I know this sounds really weird and forward but can I have your number?" She giggled as her red hair was tied into a messy bun and her winged eyeliner looked perfect, while her boobs were as big as balloons and her lips were colored with nude lipstick. Her uniform, a baby pink dress that was way too short and she was clearly completely oblivious to me sitting right across from Stephan.

Really? Like really? You don't see me at all?
I thought as I stared at her looking at Stephan as if she was under a love spell.

He then turned to gaze at me and then he began to chuckle as I stared at him in return while wearing my bitch face.

Wednesday Addams and I don't have much in common but bitch face is one of the things we do.

"Sorry sweetheart, not today." He smiled. "But can you get me the bill please."

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