Streamer (SFW)

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You were a streamer. A not so successful one though.

You often received hate for absolutely no reason at all, but that didn't stop you from streaming.

"Ooh I killed another one!" You exclaimed as you checked your screen to see how many people are watching your stream.

There were 10.

You smiled at the number since its the most views you've ever gotten.

You then looked at the chats and frowned upon seeing most of the comments being hate.

You ignored those and continued playing.

You glanced at your screen every now and then until you saw one particular chat.

"Just go k*ll yourself. No one even likes you." It said.

You usually don't let comments get to you but that one really hurt.

Ending the stream very awkwardly because of that comment, you opened your messaging app, lied in bed as tears were welling up in your eyes.

Active 754 days ago. It says, next to the nickname "my angel ♡".

You sighed as you reread your messages with them.

You bit your lip as tears began to flow.

"2 years, 24 days and counting my sweet angel. I really wanna come see you. I got permission from a comment today so, can I?" You mumbled.

You then sat up, realizing why you even started your streaming career.

It was their dream, and you wanted to fulfill it for them, ever since they became an actual angel.

You then took a deep breath, looked up the ceiling as if looking up at the sky and smiled, "I won't stop 'til I achieve your dream my dear angel."

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