Chapter 1: Dark Horse

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"Dark Horse" by Katie Perry Media Video

Colin's POV:

Friday night and I'm at the club with some of my Boys... The new Season is almost here so I'm trying to unwind after the week of Practice I've had! I've been putting on A LOT of Off Season Training and I'm Praying it pays off! I need to get back to the Playoffs and of course the Superbowl!

We are seating in the VIP section drinking some Champagne, because we are Celebrating my boy Terrence's 28th Birthday tonight! We've been friends since College in Nevada where we were Football team mates! He's a real good Dude and we try to hang out when we have time! Tonight there's NO EXCEPTION! It's his Birthday and we are going to have fun...

"I want to make a Toast to my real good friend Terrence..." I say as I stand up with my glass up and the other guys follow! "May God Continue to Bless you in ALL you do, May HE give you another wonderful 28 years of life and May you enjoy your Night Homie...Cheers!" I say loudly as we all hit our glasses together!

"Thanks Kap! I appreciate the sentiment! I've been Blessed this past 28 yrs of life and I'm Praying for many more with good friends like y'all!" Terrence says smiling at his friends!

The guys start talking and laughing and I make my way to the railing that over sees the night club! The place was packed, the music jamming and the women were BANGING! A few must of noticed me cause I saw them looking up, pointing and smiling at me! I just raised my glass to them and smiled and they just COULDN'T contain themselves! You know how Women are! They put their hands over their mouths looked away and giggled "OH MY GOD! COLIN KAEPERNICK JUST SMILED AT US!!!" ...or at least they said something in that form!

Feeling a hand on my shoulder I look to see it's my friend Ben, another College Buddy of mine! "Yo Kap! Which LUCKY LADY you taking home tonight?!" he asked as he surveyed the club.

Chuckling at him I just shrugged my shoulders..."Don't know YET homie! Haven't seen any females that my MEMBER has twitched for! I'll let you know when I do!" I say as he starts laughing...

Ten minutes pass and the lights dim down lower in the club as we hear the DJ who is a REALLY good friend of mine talk on the microphone...

"Ladies and Gentleman... we have a SPECIAL TREAT for y'all right now! Coming straight from Miami, Florida we have an AMAZING group of dancers who will Perform for us throughout the night! Besides being Talented and SEXY AS HELL, their dance moves will SURELY make you want to grab someone from the OPPOSITE SEX or Vice Versa and take them home...or in my Case, go take a REALLY COLD SHOWER! I should Know...I've seen them perform before...! Anyways let's give them a Warm San Fran WELCOME TO THE PAK TEAM...!"

Laughing at what 'E' said the club went completely dark and the music started was "Dark Horse" by Katy Perry... The spotlight hit the center of the stage below as shadows started walking towards it carrying someone on what appears to be their shoulders. Putting her down which I assumed was a female they were carrying, the two shadows took vows as they walked backwards and they stood in place in the middle of the stage for a few seconds. The "Queen's" back was facing the audience. The lyrics to the song began and the "Queen" turned around as the other two began to dance around her...

I knew you were

You were gonna come to me

And here you are

But you better choose carefully

'Cause I, I'm capable of anything

Of anything and everything

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