Day 638 of Hiding.

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The year is 3089. The human race has been taken over by... whatever those things are that are lurking outside my house. My name is Lillian Jessem. My boyfriend, Jasper, and I are part of the Revolution. We are two of the forty-three humans left on Earth. We have been in hiding for two years, when those things came to our planet. Today, we attack.



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Lillian Jessem:


Dear Diary,


This is day 323 of being in the Neighborhood; day 638 of hiding. Jasper and I were moved here with a young couple who had lived near us before. It's better than before though, when we lived in a tiny, cramped basement with ten others. The Neighborhood consists of twenty houses; three are empty. The houses are built in a circle, with each door facing all the others. About twenty feet behind each house is a large stone wall, which goes up about forty feet. Above that is a dome barrier, starting twenty feet inside of the wall. It stretches from side to side, so nothing comes in, and nothing goes out. Jasper and I, being seventeen and sixteen now, get to live in our own house. The others are our age or older, but not by much. The oldest couple, the Morehouse's, are in their early thirties. There are no children, thank God. They couldn't survive in a life like this. Josh Morehouse had conceived a medicine, I guess is a good word, before they invaded us. This medicine can keep you the same age for as long as you take it. Jasper and I hadn't taken it yet, but we are allowed to now. This is how all the couples are staying ready. Ready to fight. Ready to attack. Ready to survive.,


I cannot -


I hear footsteps, and my initial reaction is to take the knife I've hidden from everyone in my boot and attack the person, before I remember that the only thing that could be coming for me is human, and for that reason I shouldn't be scared. I lock up my diary with the lock I had taken from the old basement, before we were all moved here, and hide it in the false bottom of my satchel. I peek out from my hiding space in the storage room, between two large suitcases, and see a blond mop of hair swiveling around, seeming to look for someone. I mentally laugh, and take out a bolt from my bag. I throw it at my intruder, and giggle when I see him turn.


“Hey!” Jasper whisper-yells, for everyone else in the Neighborhood is asleep. We should be, too, but all the others know that we never follow rules, even though clearly the schedule states that everyone is in bed by ten-thirty and asleep by eleven. Role-call is at eight-fifteen sharp, every morning. I giggle at his confused look, trying to figure out where the small missile came from.


I whisper at him. “Up here,” I say, showing him my hiding spot. I have kept it secret for the entire time we all were here, but I knew he would figure it out soon enough. He looks up, and sees me about twenty feet in the air, hiding between our two large bags.


“What the hell are you doing up there?” He looks shocked. Well, what does he expect? I don't want him to find my personal diary, now do I? I put the small satchel back into the space between the wall and my suitcase, and jump down from my perch.


“Um. Nothing. We need to go to bed.” I smile up at him, and hug him while we walk to our bedroom. I walk into the bedroom while he goes and makes sure the front door is triple locked. There are no windows, of course. For obvious reasons. I quickly brush my teeth and brush my short hair back into a ponytail, and go to change into my pajamas. I hear Jasper padding down the hallway, and quietly laugh to myself. He was so adorable when he was tired. I make my way to the bed, stubbing my toe on the edge of the bed before flopping down onto it, slowly crawling to my side of the bed. All the lights are off, just like the schedule says. After dinner at seven, all lights go off. No exceptions. That is one of the few rules we actually follow.


He dawdles into the bathroom, and I can hear the water running. A few minutes later, he comes out and changes into his pajamas, crawling into bed with me. After two years of being together, I'm not uncomfortable with the nakedness part of this. I guess it's also a good thing that I knew Jasper and I would be together forever, otherwise it would suck to be with him for our entire lives. Or, I guess, the entire time we're alive, seeing as though most couples here should be well into their two-hundreds. None of the couples in the Neighborhood want children, but everyone is expecting us to have a baby. I wouldn't mind it. I think a little bundle of joy would rise eveyone's spirits here, and that's something we all need. But not for a long time. A long, long time.


I smile as he curls up behind me, holding me in his arms as we fall asleep. I love this man so much. Too bad freaking aliens invaded our Earth.


* * *


I'm awake by seven-thirty, six hours after falling asleep. I go through my usual routine in the mornings. I get up, shower, and get dressed. I start breakfast promptly at seven, and then wake Jasper. After two months of this, I figured out that the only real way of waking him up was to have the smell of bacon and warm coffee wafting through our house. Once he's up and dressed, we eat quickly and are out the door by eight. We walk to the center building, nicknamed the 'Pod.' We have a town meeting that goes until nine, and then we are free to do what we want. I usually go to Patty Messinger's house, and bring Jasper with me so he can play baseball with Patty's husband Jim and their neighbor Mark. Patty and Mark's wife Lisa teach me how to bake, and we talk. Life here can get pretty boring, but it's fine. You get used to it.


I'm just glad I have Jasper to get me through this. Both of our parents were killed three years ago by the invaders, and for two years we were 'guardianed' by Mr and Mrs Morehouse. But we convinced them that we were old enough to have our own house a while ago. And here we are. Present moment, were Lisa is going on and on about how Mark is refusing to do... something in bed. I usually zone out after they get to that topic, mainly because Jasper and I have promised our Neighborhood's, I guess you could call them Mayors, that we would wait until we were officially married.


So, that's life. Live in the dome, and don't get killed by freakish aliens. Fun, right?



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