Preggy (SFW)

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Ever since you were pregnant, your mafia husband (mhm yes mafia) has been more protective of you.

He wouldn't let you do things on your own because he insists that someone pregnant shouldn't be moving a lot so he keeps telling you to tell him if you needed something.

Instead of dealing with his stocks and investments, scouting his enemies, and doing dirty work, he had been browsing about what pregnant people should and shouldn't eat, how to look after them, how to handle possible situations, what medicines they should intake, etc.

He also took a break from work so he could take better care of you and he was planning to go back until your child turns two (zamn).

He's also been really cuddly lately since he liked how your enlarged belly adds warmth and comfort.

Whenever your insecure, whether it's about your body, the future of your child, or whatever, he will not hesitate to reassure you and cover your face and tummy with kisses.

Right now, your husband was yelling at his staff because the materials and equipment for your maternity shoot weren't ready since you arrived earlier than expected.

At first, you denied the idea of a photoshoot because you thought of how expensive it is and how unnecessary you think it is, but your husband managed to convince you.

"Honey, you don't have to yell at them y'know. We can just wait. We arrived early anyways." You rubbed his back to calm him down.

He sighed as he turned to you, resting his forehead on your shoulder and rubbing your belly.

"I just want everything to go well for you Mi Amor.. These dimwits can't even do their job right." He grumbled childishly.

"When this angel is born, I'd have to take care of two babies." You giggled as you kissed his head.

He pouted as he gave you a quick kiss on the lips.

"No, no. This baby (pointing to himself) will be taking care of the incoming baby (pointing at your belly). And then my baby (pointing at you), will be resting and will be receiving a ton of spoiling and pampering from me." He winked at you and walked away to help with the preparations.

Gosh, this man.

You didn't know how to pose and you were really shy so the photoshoot took so long and there were only a few good photos.

The staff kept sighing and shaking their head and your husband looked annoyed.

You misunderstood that he was annoyed at you when really, he was getting irritated by how the staff was behaving (how they visibly showed their disapproval).

He stopped himself from making a scene since he didn't want to stress you out.

You were on the verge of tears as you were getting really emotional and frustrated at how you were wasting everyone's time.

Your feelings worsened when a teen worker suddenly shouted, "Just pose already fatty! How hard can holding your bloated stomach be-" The teen's yelling was cut short as he received a hard punch to the stomach from your husband.

"You better shut that rancid mouth of yours before I start crushing your face and making sure you never utter a word ever again." He whispered at the teen through gritted teeth.

He quickly ran to your already crying form in the middle of the studio and embraced you.

He then glared at the staff, as if telling them to scram.

They got the message and gave you two some privacy.

He comforted you until you calmed down.

He rocked you back and forth while he embraced you, whispering sweet nothings to you, your head buried in his chest, tears kept falling and your breathing was ragged.

He pushed his inner cheek with his tongue, pissed by how poorly the staff treated you.

He was already planning on firing every single one of them.

He quickly returned his attention to you and helped you breathe normally by exaggerating breathing exercises

Once you calmed down, he cupped your face and wiped your tears away.

"I am terribly sorry darling for letting my staff's behavior slide. I should've done something sooner." He smiled apologetically.

"No.. it's my fault.. I just.. wasn't comfortable showing my bare tummy to a lot of people." You said sheepishly, sniffling.

He bit his lip, now blaming himself for letting you be in an uncomfortable situation.

"Say, why don't we just have our own photoshoot at home? I could be the camerman, the lights director, the costume designer, the decorator, heck, I'd probably do a better job than all of them." He laughed.

"But the expenses here? It's such a waste and-" He cut you off with a kiss.

"Money won't ever be a problem dear. What matters most, is you. Now c'mon, let's go home." He smiled as he carried you bridal style, back to his car.

His POV:

Nervous. That's what I am right now. Haha.. hello everyone, I'm nervous.

I was sitting down, biting my fingers while tapping my foot on the floor. It's something I do when I'm nervous, something that rarely happens.

I mean, why would I be nervous? I'm like rich and everything (🙄👍).

My fidgeting stopped when the doors burst open. "Doctor! Are- are they okay?" I nervously asked.

She sighed, "We tried our best sir.. You may now go see them." The doctor gestured to the doors.

I rushed inside, not caring about what the doctor has to say anymore.

I'm scared, yep.. scared. I'm scared of the thought of losing them.

I entered the room, and sighed with relief. There they were.. holding our little bundle of joy.

"That f*cking doctor is such a-"

"Shhh! Language dear. And don't blame the doctor.. I forced her to tell you that to see your reaction." They giggled.

Tsk, they just gave birth and they still have the guts to try and give me a heart attack.

Not wanting to argue, especially since they just birthed, I carefully sat beside them. "C- can I hold him?" I asked softly (the baby's a boy guys).

"Of course honey. Y'know, he's got your eyes." They said, handing me our little baby.

I held him carefully in my arms, tickling his chubby cheeks.

I widened my eyes when he wrapped his tiny hand around my finger.

I started to feel teary-eyed. I felt a weight on my shoulder and saw that my lovely was leaning on me.

I let my head rest on top of their head, excited about our family's future.

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