39. Back to school

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I got up early this morning to get ready to go back to school. I went to the bathroom to take a shower and brushed my teeth. I took longer in the shower because i felt like crying, i had to get it out of my body so it wouldn't explode when im gonna see Eddie. I didn't have time to buy new shampoo so this memory was sticking in this scent. I closed my eyes while washing my hair and cried a little more. I turned off the water and got back to my room to change. What the fuck am i going to wear? I stand in front of my closet for a bit finally picking something. The weather was starting to get hotter and i was happy about that.

 The weather was starting to get hotter and i was happy about that

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I got dressed and let my red hair air dried. My hair was starting to decolor, im gonna have to redo it soon. I put on some makeup, that way im forcing myself not to cry. I put some eyeliner and some red gloss as always.

I put on some perfume i got at the mall the last time

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I put on some perfume i got at the mall the last time. It smelled like cherry and vanilla. I put on my new rings and got out of my room for breakfast. "Goodmorning." I said to Dustin and my mom. I sat and ate a bowl of cereal. I put some hot coffee in my travel mug and waited for Dustin to finish up his breakfast to finally go. He got up, we said goodbye to my mom and got in the car. I put Crazy train by Ozzy Osbourne and raised the volume up, Dustin and me singing like crazy on the way to school. We got there early and there was still time to hang out before class. I got out of the car, kept the music playing and lighted myself a cigarette. "Goodmorning, beautiful." I turned around. "Good morning Harrington." I said back. "Ready to go in?" Asked Robin. "Not really." I responded laughing. Robin took my cigarette from my mouth and threw it on the ground. "Gross." She said smiling. I rolled my eyes and took a deep breath before turning off my car and heading to the entrance. We entered and for now everything was fine. We walked the corridors and i spotted Nancy. "Hey Nance!" I said to her. "Oh hey y/n, ready for the day?" She asked. "Nope, but i'll live." I said to her. We parted ways when i got to my locker. I was lucky that Robin's locker was directly next to mine, Eddie's locker wasn't far from ours tho. We took our things. "Hey good luck, it's gonna be fine." She said to me. I smiled. "I'll meet you here after class okay?" She said. I nodded and hugged her. She started walking towards her class and i took a deep breath before entering the chemistry class. I got in and Eddie wasn't in yet, at least. I sat at my desk and Chrissy sat next to me a few moments later. "Hey y/n, had a great spring break?" She asked smiling. "Could have been better." I said smiling faintly. "You?" I asked her. "It was okay, my parents got a big job offer in Illinois so this is going to be my last week here." She responded. "Oh, even if we didn't talked much i hope I'll get to see you some time again." I said to her smiling. "Me too." She answered. There was a few seconds of silence. "You know..Jason talks about you sometimes." She added. "Why?" I asked laughing a little. "Even if he's all popular now, he misses the friendship he had with you guys." I never realized Jason could have emotions. "Well he made a choice, unfortunately i don't think things will be the same way again." I said to her looking down. "I know, i just wanted you to know." She said smiling softly. I smiled too. I was writing the date on my paper when i heard laughter, i looked up and it was Lucy laughing..with Eddie. My heart started beating fast at the sight of him. He had a black eyes and he looked like he was beat up really bad..I almost felt bad until i heard Lucy laugh again. What the fuck was he doing with her. She was following him like a little dog. She sat at her desk and Eddie passed next to me, we locked eyes for a few seconds but i immediately looked back down. He sat down behind me at his desk. He was looking so good even in bad shape, i bit my lip and started to shake my leg a little. "Hey you're okay?" Asked Chrissy. "Yeah, too much coffee this morning." I said laughing, knowing damn well i was lying. I could feel Eddie's eyes staring at me. I can't believe it hasn't even been a minute and i already feel like that. Get your shit together y/n. The teacher finally entered the class and everyone went silent. "Hi everyone, hope you had a fun spring break. I was thinking before handing back the tests we could each talked about what we did on this break." She started. Shit, anything but this. "I'm gonna go first, i got engaged." She said excited, showing us her ring. "Well who wants to go first?" She asked. I put my head down and avoided eye contact. "Y/n? Want to start?" She asked. "Well i'm not sure you want to know.." I said laughing nervously. "Of course i want to! Go on." She said smiling. "Okay then.. I partied, i had sex, got betrayed by the guy i was in love with, got drunk, got sick, partied again, broke in the startcourt mall, met a guy, got drunk again, partied again, got locked in a room by said guy with all of his friend to assault me, got drunk again, got a new tattoo..and that's about it. Oh my mom got my new new rings also." I said all in one breath. The class was looking at me mouth open, not knowing what to say. "Humm..okay..who wants to go next?" She asked changing subjects. Almost everyone talked about their break except Eddie. "Mister Munson, you're last." She said. "My break wasn't as exciting as everyone..As you can see i got beat up, i quit my band and started to write new music about the girl i fell in love with." He said softly. He quit the band? Why? Not that i cared anyway.. Also he wrote new songs..was i still the girl he fell in love with or did he met someone new? I had so many questions but no way to get answers. "Well that's great. You guys seemed to have some exciting things to share." The teacher said. "Time for something less fun." She added, taking the test in her hands and started to pass it. I got my copy. F??? I'm gonna be in so much trouble. "Miss Henderson and Mister Munson, if you could please stay after class." She asked. I sighed. This is great. The bell rang and everyone got up, i started to gather my things to put in my bag. "Hey, if you need to talk, im here. In a week I'll be gone so no worry about me spilling your secret." Chrissy said before getting up. "Thanks." I said with a faint smile. Everyone got out of the class except me and Eddie. "So guys..as you can see you did really bad on this test. This was a big part of the year grade.. so i'll have to give you a choice." She started. "Either you come here after class once a week for the rest of the year, or..you fail this class. The first tutoring class will be tomorrow after school, chose wisely." She added smiling with empathy. "Yes ma'am." I responded before getting out of the class as fast as i could. This couldn't have been a worse first class. Fuck.

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