Lady red returns

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world come to an end 

as she enter in cherry red gown with predator red lips

 and black hunter her hustle she flips 

beautiful hazel eyes on a blood moon night 

she looks like a gorgeous witch 

her black her long hair 

strong enough to tempt a man

her spellcaster gaze, oh damn!

lunar waves explode 

her aura overpowering 

I am on my knees

nectar she showering 

slip of her dress 

her contours confess 

she want ton ride ogre 

she wanna feel my man 

she holds my hand 

put my hand on her blissful hips 

then before I utter 

She licks my lips 

tongue exploring and exploring 

who is going stop coming down 

this mile.

down down down 

to her witch hut 

her smells of cooked magical potion 

fleshy but heaven scents

my tongue feels 

he heaven sense 

magical of the magical 

taste of grand banquets 

sour and savory

smooth and hazy

she felt so magical 

then moment go lazy 

                                          -  she is kind this time

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