Holding Back Tears (SFW)

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"I'm home." You tiredly said, kicking your shoes off.

You had just visited your parents' house and things turned out, not so well.

Your husband happily rushed over to the door, excited that you were back.

You grinned at him sadly and this made him worry.

"Sweety, you okay?" He said softly, rubbing your arms to comfort you.

"Y -yeah, why wouldn't I be?" You said breathily, tears welling up in your eyes as you looked up to try and stop them from falling.

Not saying anything, he guided your head to his chest and gently caressed your hair.

"W -what are you doing? I'm not even crying." You said sniffling (how ironic), however, it came out muffled because of how your face was nuzzled into his chest, balling a part of his shirt into your fist.

He then swayed you side to side, knowing that the movement would give you comfort.

He felt dampness on his chest and so he figured that you were silently sobbing.

Not wanting to make your chest tighten, he spoke in a hushed tone, "Let it all out honey, no need to be crying quietly when you're with me? hm?"

And that was it, the reason why you are now bawling your eyes out while muttering rants.

He never once judged you and kept comforting you with his actions.

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