C h a p t e r 41

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Y/n pov

I heard another knock I stood up from the bed "did u forget something" I said opening it and seeing Mattheo "I think I should start spending more time with u now even if ur mad at me" he said smiling I smiled back and rolled my eyes at him "I don't need u to watch over me" I said "I know but I want to and I also brought u some things" he said as he closed the door behind him "so I know u love fries and well u barely ate so I brought u a burger" I smiled clapping my hands "I also brought u a M & M cookie because I know u love those especially when they are warm" he said "yes I do love them" I said "last but not least so ur mom actually mentioned a teddy bear that u would never let go when u where a kid I've had it for the past days" he chuckled and I laughed "so I think it would be amazing for our kid" he said taking out a fuzzy bear it was a plain brown one.

"Awww I remember that one my parents got it for me because I used to want a little fuzzy dogs but my parents always said no to it so they got me this bear" I said standing up and grabbing it from his hands, I hugged it feeling like I was smelling my childhood, "awww I still think about this bear the other day I was thinking about it" I said as I stared at the bear he smiled sitting down on the bed and left the food on my little desk that was next to my bed.

I hugged the bear one more time before turning to Mattheo "give me my cookie" I said he laughed at me before handing it over I ate my cookie while staring at the bear there was a little stitch that my mom had to do because me and Draco where fighting over this bear one day and he cut it, i started to cry and he ran to mom so I can stop crying, and she stitched the bear up and washed it while she had it making it look bran new.

I finished eating my cookie and set down my bear, I turned looking at Mattheo "thank u" I said smiling at him as I wrapped my hands around his neck and hugged him he hugged me back "I missed u" he whispered to me "I know I'm fucking amazing" I said but he took my hand off his neck and pushed me hard on the bed, I laughed as I bounced up and landed back down, "how are u feeling" he asked me "like I have a little human in me" I said he laughed at me, he kissed me on my lips and I kissed back as he pulled me up on his lap.

"I love u so much" he said as he pulled away looking at me in my eyes I smiled at him "I love u too Mattheo" I said as I hugged him again "I missed u so much and I hated seeing u with that weasley boy" he said "he's a nice guy Mattheo" I said "he's a stupid weasley" Mattheo said "don't tell me ur like Draco that's all about money right now" I said as I pulled away from him "I'm not making this about money just I hated how close u guys where" he said I rolled my eyes "nothing was even happening between us" I said "didnt look like it" he said.

"Get out" I said "come on y/n dont be mad that I said something" he said "no I should be mad because u keep talking about how I was with him yet ur the one that cheated and that's one of the reasons I didn't want u to know about me being pregnant" I said as I stood up "get out" I said as I opened the door he stood up from the bed and walked over standing in front of me "I'm sorry" he said "u said that last time too" I said as I pushed him out the door and closed it slamming it behind me.

I locked the door and went to grab my towel there was a knock but I ignored it and went to the bathroom locking the door and I took of my clothes going in the shower and I let the water hit my skin. I soon got out of the shower and wrapped my towel around me I went outside and grabbed my clothes putting it one there was another knock I rolled my eyes and walked over opening the door "I'm sorry y/n alright" he  said as he walked inside my room not allowing me to slam the door in front of his face.

"alright" I said as I went to the bathroom and grabbed my toothbrush brushing my teeth, Mattheo walked into the bathroom and watched as I brushed my teeth I spit out the toothpaste and rinsed my mouth and spit out the water, i washed my face and I walked back into my room and laid down on the bed, "u haven't said anything or yelled or anything" Mattheo said pausing "why?" He questioned "are u going to lay down or not" I asked him he slowly walked into the bed and laid down "u can move back in here" I said "are u for real" he asked/said "yes I'm for real" I said.

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