Chapter 1

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Technically it wasn't that big of a deal winning another football game. It was their eighth win, along with their eighth game of the season, continuing their undefeated streak. To some, it was a big deal winning, but in reality they just had a really great team of football players. So, although the game was hardly that big of a deal to him, the team Captain, Steve Rogers, celebrated with victory yells with the others while high-fiving one another and giving hits on the back that were forced with pride and glory. All Steve really wanted was to get on the bus and get back home so he could study for his chemistry exam tomorrow. They did the routine process of shaking hands of the opposite team and giving each other the fake compliments of "Good game."


"That was sick, man! Guys, did you see the way he caught that." Sam Wilson, a member of the football team, and one of Steve's close friends, talked with the others on the bus about the game as they headed back. "Yeah, that was a pretty good game." Steve added, smiling, trying to act like the game was actually something they had to try extremely hard to win at. The bus was full of different voices of each football player, bringing up school, telling stories, or most likely talking about a girl. Steve honestly just wanted peace and quiet but knowing that he was on a bus ride full of wound-up high school boys, his hopes weren't set very high on that. He leaned the side of his head up against the bus window, but the bumps in the road made that uncomfortable. In front of him, one of his team members turned around, James Rhodes, "Dude, you coming to Tony's party this weekend?" Steve scoffed and scratched at the side of his temple. He looked out his window and then back at Rhodes, "I hardly talk to him, he's kinda a dick." That honestly was Steve's true opinion on Tony Stark. He was richer than anyone Steve had ever seen and he was the smartest kid in the entire class when it came to technology. Though Tony didn't like showing his smarts, he did do a great job of showing his attitude of carelessness.

"C'mon man, he's not that bad once you really get to know him." James said in Tony's defense. Steve raised his eyebrows and James shrugged, knowing that it was useless trying to defend his best friend. "He's with a different girl every week and he acts like he's better than every other person he meets." Steve could go on and on about Tony Stark and the many lists of things about him that he hated. Rhodes shrugged again, "Well you should still go. Everyone's gonna be there and it wouldn't be fun without you." Steve shook his head, not in the way of saying he wouldn't go, but in the way of saying it wouldn't be any more fun with him there than if he wasn't. "Yeah, everyone wants you to go." Sam added, trying to convince him even further. Steve rolled his eyes and thought about it, "Well it depends on the homework. My mom won't want me going out to a party if we have another essay to write for a class." Sam sighed and James just laughed, "What does it matter, it's a Friday." Sam started, "Yeah, and you'll have the rest of the weekend for homework." James added for him. Steve just shook his head again and slightly laughed, "Maybe."


The debate wasn't really on if Steve should go to the party or stay home due to homework. The truth was that Steve honestly just resented Tony Stark. He may hang out with the rich kids and the one's with the similar attitudes in Steve's clique of friends but they didn't really talk, they sort of just said they were friends because all their friends were friends. And if they did talk, it was for little things that weren't usually important. Every girl in school would throw themselves at Tony if they got the chance and to be honest, Tony would probably date every girl in the school if he had the time to do it. Always with a different girl, never having an actual relationship. Steve wondered if the term relationship was even in Stark's vocabulary. He walked through the school halls as if he owned the place and to make it worse, sometimes people actually treated him like he did. It was all because his dad was the CEO of his (and worldwide) weapon company, Stark Industries. Tony had life the easy way out and everything was handed to him without much work. Though, Steve did have to give it to him, he was quick as a whip. Tony was the smartest kid in their entire school and could probably already be in college at his rate but he just chose against it.

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