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Kiara C. Jimenez is a daughter of one of the Asia's successful couple. She's 19 years old and will be the owner of "soon to be her school" Tranquility University.

But she is definitely unique, she's adorable, gorgeous, kind, sweet but at the same time.... She's a BITCH and a FEARLESS GANGSTER.

How does it happened?

She has two personas, GOOD and BAD. She choose who to be in good side and bad side. She was only good when she's in school, she's the angel there, on other places, she's a devil and a GANGSTER???!





What if her two personas falls in love on different man? will she have the happy ending? Or her love life will be a big mess and tragic.

Good Kiara at the media ^_^

The Demon Inside The Angel (TDITA)Basahin ang storyang ito ng LIBRE!