Not My Usual (SFW)

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You were restocking the coffee beans in your coffee shop when you heard the wind chime of your cafe ringing, indicating that there was a new comer.

You turned around to see your regular.

He always comes in the morning, wearing his suit and bringing his briefcase.

He orders the same cup coffee everyday, sits on his favorite spot which was at a window seat, stays for an hour and then leaves.

"Good morning! Would you like your usual sir?" You said, smiling at him when he reached the counter.

"Uhm... no not today..." He said softly.

You tilted your head at him, confused, "Hmm? Then what would you like sir?"

"S- something that.. will motivate me please." He said with a slight tint of red on his face.

You thought for a moment about what you could do for his request when an idea popped up into your head.

"Sure sir! I'll just give it to you at your usual seat!" You smiled at him.

"How much is it?" He asked as he was getting money from his wallet.

"No need sir! This one's on me. I'm pretty sure that the thing you're gonna do is really important so you don't have to worry about the payment." You beamed at him.

He thanked you as you started getting to work.

You decided to go for a simple drink: A latte with a heart design on it.

After putting the drink into a cup, you wrote a message on a sticky note: "Thank you for taking your time and for visiting my coffee shop everyday sir. I'm glad to be a part of your day and I wish you the best for whatever it is that you needed motivation with."

You then stuck on the sticky note and called his name for him to claim his order.

He went up to the counter, took his drink, and thanked you.

You were confused though since he usually sits down and drink his coffee, but today he just walked out.

You were cleaning up your cafe, getting ready to go home after a long day, when you heard the wind chime ring.

"Sorry we're already closed for the da-" You cut yourself off as you looked up to see your regular.

"Oh hi sir! What brings you here? And ooh, how was the thing you needed motivation with?" You said excitedly.

"U- uhm actually t- that's why I'm here.." He said not looking at you.

You tilted your head at him as he spoke again.

"I- I was wondering if we could... get a coffee sometime? Ah $h!t I mean.. oh no I'm sorry for cursing.. I mean would you like to.. go on... a date.. with me.." He said sheepishly, madly blushing.

You blushed at him and giggled, "I would love to."

Turns out, he asked you for motivation to ask you out.

His POV:

As I was waiting for my order, I recalled the first time I came here.

I went here to celebrate since I just got hired in my first job interview in the city.

When I entered, I was welcomed with an angelic voice, telling me that I'm their first ever customer since the cafe was new and they had just opened.

I ordered and sat on a window seat, glancing at them every now and then as they worked on my order.

Guess I had 3 firsts that day: my first interview, being the first customer here, and the first time I had fallen for them (my guy experienced love at first sight).

I was broken out of my thoughts when I heard my name being called.

I took the weird order I made which was "something that will motivate me".

I thanked them then I speedily walked out the cafe, too embarrassed about my request.

As I was walking to my office, I read the note and bit my lip thinking that they are the most adorable person in the world.

I then opened the cup and saw a latte with a heart design. I don't really like lattes because i think it's too sweet, but their's is an exemption.

I drank it and soon choked on it when I remembered why I ordered this in the first place.

I was gonna ask them out and I was indeed motivated to do so.

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